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Recruiting Prospects

On Sunday, I had the privilege of hosting a Celebrate and Connect – Thirty One’s Summer Premiere.  Thirty-five women came together to hear about the new prints and products that will be available this summer.  During the course of our mini training, I learned that ALOT of Thirty One consultants were teachers.  This made me wonder, what makes teachers such great recruits in the direct sales industry?  Of course I found an article about it and now I am thinking I need to look for some teachers to recruit to grow my team this summer.

So, here are the top 10 reasons teachers make great recruiting prospects as outlined in the article:

1. There is both often a need (and want) for additional income and a propensity toward seeking supplemental income.  With weekends and holiday breaks off from school, many teachers seek a part-time job to supplement their income. FACT!

2. Great teachers are willing to put in time and effort.  They work beyond the scheduled hours and understand that preparation is a necessary part of doing a good job.

3. Effective teachers are lifelong learners.  Teacher will probably take advantage of the training available to help them be successful.

4. A great teacher can “shift-gears” when needed. This ability to read the audience, make adaptations and respond accordingly is a valuable skill to apply when conducting home parties. 

5. Great teachers have presentation skills.  Teachers are used to be out front and up front. They speak in front of groups daily. These are transferable to conducting parties as many people at first are not sure if they can stand and speak in front of a group.

6. Great teachers can manage a classroom.  Anyone who has conducted a party knows that there is a finesse to getting the audience to listen, participate and interact. 

7. The best teachers build rapport.  These people-building skills are critical to direct seller’s success. It is important to be able to bring people who might not know each other together and create a sense of community.

8. Great teachers are consistent.  Regardless of how a teacher feels or what is going on in their personal life, they need to put that aside the best they can when entering a classroom.

9. Teachers have a good command of their content.   Teachers categorically tend to study and gain command of the product knowledge. 

10. Teachers teach accountability and to be effective must be accountable.

I LOVE the idea of suggesting to teachers about doing this for the summer for some extra cash.  What a great way to get them up and running then once they start earning additional income, they won’t want to give it up.  I am now on the prowl for some teachers who might want to give Thirty One a shot for the summer.  What have they got to loose, right?

So talk to the teachers you know. Ask what they are doing this summer for part-time work. Ask if they have ever considered that their skills in the classroom could translate to a home party business outside the classroom.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!



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