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Secret of A Happily Married Couple

Let me start off by saying, Rob and I are very happy.  Though we have only been married for three short years, we have been together for thirteen years.  WOW!  Alright, I am not going to claim to be an expert on marriage because I am NOT!  I have, however, learned what the words “in sickness and in health” means this past year.  We are almost one year from what was the scariest three months of my life – the anniversary of Rob’s congestive heart failure.

We are preparing for our upcoming trip to North Carolina and Rob talking about all of the limitations that he now has as a result of his health issues.  He has begun apologizing for all of the planning that now has to go into a trip or even into our every day errands.  We need to plan our day – including meals, rest and breaks.  We need to make sure that we eat healthier than the usual fast food stops on the 12-hour trip.  We need to allow for the fact that I may be the only one driving down and back.  Rob is always saying “you didn’t sign up for all of this”.  I always remind him that I signed up for “better or worse” and “in sickness and in health”.

“If you search for good, you will find favor; but if you search for evil, it will find you!” Proverbs 11:27 (NLT)

I continue to look for good in our life together.  We are blessed to have each other.  We may get on each others nerves, I mean who doesn’t, right?  We sometimes mis-communicate and as a result are not on the same page.  I will admit that I get frustrated, that independent “I want what I want when I want” woman rears her angry head some times.  Through it all, we work it out.

We look for the good in each other.  Okay, there are times when I don’t want to look for the good.  I want to be mad.  I want to be angry and vent.  I want to sit on the “pity pot” and wonder if the grass is greener on the other side.  According to Encouragement for Today, 

The choice to search for a more generous explanation may not come easily at first. But try it. Bring your feelings in line with what you know to be true about this person. And once you see, over and over again, that the “good” explanation is usually the real one, you become fully convinced that this person is “for” you.

Better yet, as our key verse explains, by expecting the best, you bring out the best. We all know this deep down; we just have to act on it. And when we do, everything changes.

I am blessed to have my hubby, Rob.  If you and your hubby are struggling, STOP and look for the good in each other.  It is easy to let Satan control the situation, causing pain and letting your marriage crumble.  It is God’s will that we look for the good in each other – won’t you try.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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