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Facebook and Direct Selling

Last week, I got a call  from Thirty One’s Home Office. I was excited to hear from them but was curious as to why they would be calling me.  No major “events” in my business world – that I knew of.  Then she very nicely said “This is part of our random Facebook audit”.  My heard sank.  I was about to get my hand slapped.  I was starting to feel ashamed that as a Director, I didn’t know the Facebook rules.  She was WONDERFUL!

She reassured me that 99% of my posts were right on and she even complimented me on pictures, enticing posts, etc.  This was not a hand slap, this was a “teachable moment”.  I am so grateful for a company that reaches out to their consultants to teach them instead of scolding them for an honest mistake.  I added ONE sentence to my recent post that totally threw up a red flag “Orders must be submitted by 4/20/2014”.  Those 5 words with a date was considered a solicitation for business.  WOW!  I really just wanted people to think ahead.  The other “flag” was the banner on my “closed VIP group”.  Imagine my surprise when I found out that the whole world can see my banner.  I know, I should be more up on the tech side of things but I am “old”.  Or so I tell everyone.  I truly believed that if it was a closed group – only the people who I invited could see the banner.

So, here are some tips for using Facebook to encourage sales for YOUR direct sales company….

  • Personal success stories – I LOVE to share with everyone who will listen about the wonderful things that Thirty One does for us as consultants.  Yes, I blog about them but I often forget to take pictures of them to share on my Facebook page.  Want to encourage potential recruits, show them what they can get –  FREE gifts, trips, products, etc.  OR show them what the additional income has done for you in the way of buying things.  Did it help pay for your child’s activities – take and picture and tell the world.
  • Show them – Show people how YOU and your CUSTOMERS are using your products. I use my products all of the time but I always forget to take a picture.  I need to get better at the camera and posting thing.
  • Tips and How to’s – I use my blog for this kind of posting.  Occasionally on Facebook but I figure my blog posts on Facebook so if customers are interested in the tips, they will read my blog.  Remind that if you are only posting about product sales, free giveaways, or anything else that can annoy your followers, STOP. People don’t care!

Are you not using Facebook this way?  It’s not the end of the world. Facebook isn’t the end all to be all for promoting or marketing your business.  Are you getting ready to post something – Think about how you would feel if you were in the other person’s shoes and take it from there. Do you see other direct sellers posts and just ignore them?  Then why would you do that to your followers.

Have any suggestions to add. Why not share them?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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