Hope Wissel


tammy-stanleyWOW!  I am always surprised when someone calls me on my “stuff”.  I love being accountable to someone about my business and business goals BUT there are those times when I wish they would just nod their head and say “ok”.

In my never ending quest for personal development and growing my business, I came across an article by Tammy Stanley.  I had the pleasure of hearing her speak in person at a Thirty One National Conference – my second year.  I have to admit, not much of her presentation or her tips sunk in.  I listened but I was so overwhelmed and humbled as I was walking the stage as a NEW Director that year that I missed a lot.  I took notes and remember nodding my head in agreement at many of the things that she said during her talk.

When I came across this post, I was “interested”.  I mean who doesn’t want to know the #1 word that those in direct sales (or other sales businesses) doesn’t want to hear.  We have all heard it, right?  “Yes, I am interested” then they never return phone calls or emails or may even block you on Facebook.

According to Tammy, “Interested is a word that salespeople use when they do not want to hear their prospects tell them, “No.” But guess what? Interested is also a word that prospects use when they do not want to tell the salesperson, “Yes.””.   How often have you asked a potential hostess or a potential recruit “are you interested?”.  They say “yes” and maybe for that moment they are interested but the momentum passes once they have walked away.  The result, no bookings and no new recruits.  Not what you (or I) were hoping for.  Expressing interest is not commitment.

What if we were more direct with our questions?  What if we just cam out and asked them “How would you feel about taking a look at this?” or “How do you feel about hosting a Thirty One girl’s night out?”.  What is the worst that could happen – they say NO!  I have learned to look for and expect “NO” as opposed to being disappointed because I am looking for a “YES”.  If they say NO, then you know that your prospect does not want what you are selling or offering and you can move forward instead of wasting your time and theirs by continuing to pursue them.

Another perk of the direct question, is that the prospect has an opportunity to share more about the obstacles that keep them from having a party or joining your team.  By allowing the prospect the opportunity to share more about their obstacle, we can respond to the obstacle and not just guess at what the prospect is thinks about our product or opportunity.

So, as I look reflect on how I approach potential recruits, customers and hostesses, I now know that the word “interested” will NOT be in the question.  I use the word often because it always seemed a softer approach.  No more -direct and to the point is for me!  Value your prospects by allowing them to share their objections without feeling like they have to use the “interested” word.  I know I LOVE the numbers but my business about building relationships and by valuing my customers, my numbers will grow.

I challenge you this week NOT to use the word “interested” when you are talking to prospects.  Make those conversations count.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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