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EveryDay Heros

close up nurses & teachers

Another PEAK at what is coming in the Thirty One SUMMER catalog…. well, this won’t be in the catalog since it was JSUT announced on Monday but it will be available during the summer.

Do you know a nurse?  Or were you in the hospital, or sick and had a nurse that touched your heart?  Nurses are special people, they have a caring and compassion that is unmatched for their patients.  There was a time when I thought I wanted to be a nurse.  Okay, so that didn’t last long.  Needles and I don’t get along so that wasn’t going to work.  I remember the nursing staff at both hospitals where Edythe and Elsie were spending their last days and those who tolerated me when Rob was in the hospital.  I think a nurses’ worst nightmare is a Social Worker who has some knowledge – that’s ME!  I would say 95% of the nurses we encountered were caring and compassionate.  They understood how difficult each of the situations were on us as the family.  They are the unsung heroes who spend countless hours taking care of our loved ones when they are too sick to be home for us to take care of them.

Teachers – we have had our share of good ones and bad ones.  I have several that stood out for me growing up.  Then there were the ones that Belinda had in public school as well as Pilgrim.  I believe that when teaching becomes “a job” for some and their passion dies – it is time to give it up and let someone else take over.  I remember Belinda’s kindergarten teacher – Mrs. Eck (yes, that was really her name).  She was past retirement age, had health issues and as the kids said she “wobbles across the floor”.  Remember those weeble wobbles (but they don’t fall down).  She had no patience for these energetic kids who had been in pre-school for 2 years.  Then there was the horrible teacher who tried to label Belinda as a “juvenile delinquent” because she had questions regarding the rules or should I say the interpretation of rules.  This was a difficult year for I was afraid that this label would haunt my daughter through her school years.  Funny, though, that year as one called her a juvenile delinquent another called her smart, polite and was thrilled that she had questions and wanted to learn.  My only concern was “is she disrespectful?” and the answer no matter what was “no”.  I am grateful for the teachers that encouraged the curiosity of my daughter and allowed her to be her own person.  It is with their help that she has developed into an AMAZING advocate for children and underserved populations.

What fond memories do you have of the “every day heroes” in your life?  Share them with us.  Honor them with this bag as a thank you for all that they have done and continue to do each day.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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