Hope Wissel

Do I Wait or Do I Recruit

Happy  Monday!  I have gotten a few questions from my NEW recruits (a year or less) who wonder when is a good time to recruit their own team members.  To be honest, the day AFTER you sign up.  I mean why not?  You are excited and want to share the wonderful gift of Thirty One.  I am sure there are some direct sales company consultants that would disagree with me but I believe that it is ONE of the BEST times to recruit.

Do you think “I don’t know enough”, “I can’t lead anyone” or “Do I really want to be a Leader?”.  Here are some tips for being a great Leader and helping other women achieve their success or their “why”.

1) Talk about your business, help new recruits sign up and encourage them to ask questions.  Okay, so I know that can be a little scary but their questions are probably the same ones that you had.  Your Upline answered those questions for you, so you have the answers.  If not, be honest and let them know that you don’t know but you can learn together.

2) Help your new team member set up her website, order business supplies and even placing her first order.  By you helping them, you are gaining confidence AND you are reducing her stress levels.

3) Thirty One has Start Swell… an AMAZING incentive program for the first 4 months of a new consultants career. Take it one step at a time.  Hopefully, you have started to earn the incentives and are excited to share how easy it is for her to do the same.  Encourage her each step of the way.  If she doesn’t make one, reassure her that there is always the next one.  At Thirty One, we CELEBRATE, ENCOURAGE and REWARD all of consultants no matter how small the milestone.

4) Take Her To A Party If Possible OR better yet, help her with her first party.  For many of my recruits, I try to either do their launch party or I attend to help them along the way.  This works if the Recruit is local.  Shadowing is a great way to train because it is an unscripted party and each party has their own own personality.  Showing her a “hands on” training will do more than anything you tell her.

But most importantly, to be a great Leader LISTEN, STAY POSITIVE and always remember that a negative attitude is the #1 thing that will discourage a new recruit. DO NOT be the reason for her failure.   So, who is ready to recruit?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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