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After a Conference

The last day of April and I am already counting the days till Thirty One’s National Conference in Columbus. 83 days if you were wondering or at least until the day I leave….

Nataly Kogan, another blogger, wrote a great article about “10 Tips to Maximizing Networking After a Conference” which made me THINK!  Okay, so I do that ALOT and I am sure you do too.  The question is, though, do we take action on the things that make us think?  Interesting thought, right?  I just got back from the “Mom Grows A Business” conference and I wanted to really maximize on the connections that I made and not just do the “Facebook friend” thing.  I mean there were some AMAZING people who I would love to be able to share Thirty One (and my blog) with.  Oh, I realized that I didn’t have my blog on  my Thirty One business cards – HELLO!  Guess I will need to change that with the next run.

So, I gathered up the business cards and tried to figure out what I should do to maximize my networking efforts.  You can follow the link to get the full article but here are just a few that I might actually be able to (or am willing to) do:

  1. Organize all the business cards you collected into two piles: Now and Later. Okay, so I didn’t manage to get this done in a timely manner but I can see where it would help to know who I wanted to reach out to right away.
  2. Make notes on the back of the business cards you collected to help you with your follow-up. I actually do this when I gather the cards if there is something that I want to remember to do when I return home.  If I think a product would work for them, I might note that as well.
  3. Don’t send out any follow-up emails the day immediately following the conference.  Definitely NOT that efficient so I don’t have to worry.
  4. Personalize every follow-up email you write.  This is where note-taking comes in handy!
  5. If you have a blog, write a post about the conference the day of or the day after. YEAH!  Score 1 for me, I did this!
  6. If you choose to blog about the conference, make it useful and interesting to read.  Another point for me.
  7. In your blog post include links to any blog posts written by people you met at the conference. WOOHOO!  Another point!

Okay, so I may not be the best at follow-up after a conference but I am getting better.  Of course, going to Thirty One’s conference is so much different because we are all there with a common purpose – CELEBRATE, ENCOURAGE, REWARD our Thirty One family.  I still come home with lots of business cards and notes on the back to follow up with people on their ideas or to share information that I have with them.

What are YOUR best tips for follow-up after a conference?  Share them so we can all learn together.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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