Hope Wissel

Nurses Day

close up nurses & teachers

Happy Nurses Appreciation Day!  I will be celebrating these “every day heroes” at Community Hospital in Toms River today from 4 – 8PM.  Thirty One created these two NEW icons for the summer to CELEBRATE – ENCOURAGE – REWARD those who are there for us every day – nurses and teachers.

I remember thinking as a little girl – it would be fun to be a nurse.  I thought it was a simple as putting a band-aid on a cut or calming someone down when they were upset.  WRONG!  When I found out that there was more to it – dare I say, the blood and guts – I knew that it was not the profession for me.  I pass out (okay, it hasn’t happened in awhile) when blood is taken, I hate needles and don’t do well when someone is sick (I usually end up getting sick too).  When I realized that this was not the professional for me, I realized that these are very special women (and some  men) who do this day in and day out.

I have met some who should NOT be nurses (okay maybe I caught them on a bad day).  I remember being the ER with Elsie (my aunt, my buddy) as she was wheeled in and explaining to them that she had cancer.  When the nurse came back later and I asked a question, her response “there is not much we can do, you know she is dying right?”.  REALLY!  Of course, I knew that the cancer was slowly killing her but the way she said it hit me so wrong.  I wanted to ring her neck!  No, there wasn’t much they could do but make her comfortable and it was 6 days later that Elsie passed away surrounded my family on a floor with VERY caring nurses.

Fast forward 12 years, to the AMAZING nurses at Centra State who took care of Edythe (my other aunt) as cancer ravaged her body.  There are not words to describe this group of caring, compassionate nurses.  They always seemed to know what she needed, when she needed it and when to leave her alone with family and loved ones.  We all knew that the cancer was killing her but no one said it, they shared comforting words and encouragement each time I came in contact with them.

As with any job – there are nurses who LOVE what they do and then there are some who lost the love along the way and it became just a job.  Through it all, they are the ones who are there through all kinds of sickness, caring for those we love.  Thank you to all of you who entered this challenging field…

Celebrate YOUR favorite nurse by singing their praise…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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