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Transformation Revisited

I talked about the “Transformation” that took place at the Mom Grows a Business Conference… you know the one where I let go of years of baggage (and my lack of confidence).  Well, as things often do, they run their course and I figured it was back to the same old feelings.  WRONG!

It started at an ETTM networking meeting on Friday.  During the Think Tank portion of the meeting when we introduce ourselves that changed to “Hi, I am Hope and I give people H.O.P.E. by helping others to  pursue excellence through my blog and as a Director with Thirty One”.  WOW!  How confident I felt and I was surprised how the words just rolled of of my tongue.  As I talked about ‘not’ getting a new recruit (last month’s goal), I quickly changed to a positive about having another Director promote on my team.  No more talk about lack of confidence and struggle – a go-getter kind of attitude.

Fast forward to my first home party since the transformation…typically, I have struggled with nerves, finding the right words or worrying if they were going to “like” me and my party presentation.  Hold UP!!  I passed out my party cards (Thank you Shari Hudspeth) and started my presentation.  Played the dice game, too.  No worries about whether or not they were going to like me, just had fun.  Guess what!  I booked 2 parties and have a possible recruit!  WOW!  Everyone talked about how much fun they had.. the cards gave the information (booking & recruiting seeds) while I got to highlight our amazing products.

CONFIDENCE in ME!  Feeling okay with who I am and sharing my passion for Thirty One with EVERYONE!  Thank you Stephanie Dalfonzo for giving me back a life that I thought I had lost.  That was the greatest birthday gift that I could get.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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