Hope Wissel

North Carolina Bound

excited child tacoToday’s the day….I am so excited!  Rob and I are headed to North Carolina for a long awaited mini vacation.  I always like to travel early in the morning, you know getting up at o’dark hundred to get on the road BEFORE anyone else.  Okay, so that was before.  This time things will be a little different…

Rob and I agreed that we would leave no later than 9AM.  Yes, later than I like but isn’t marriage about compromise.  I know that there is a process for both of us these days BEFORE we make a long trip.  I packed the car yesterday so the only thing I have to pack is our suitcases and the filled thermal tote.  We are going to swing by Taylor Sam’s and pick up some sandwiches to take on the road for energy.  Not my usual but the goal is NOT to stop until we get on the PA Turnpike or a little later.  Both of us worked last night so I am trying to squeeze in as much sleep as possible before we get on the road.

Belinda is working today till 11PM but I told Rob if we arrive that late at the hotel, she will probably be there to greet us.  She has been sending me countdown pictures for about 2 weeks now.  Can you tell we are excited?  This is the BEST Mother’s Day gift – to spend some time with my daughter (and hubby).

We are planning on doing some realizing on this trip.  Nothing too crazy since this is the first trip since Rob got sick a year ago.  So, we are going to explore a Farmer’s Market and the sights in Asheville.  We are going to the CIRCUS!  OMG!!! I can’t wait.  It has been years since I went and to be able to see it with my daughter and hubby is even better.  A late brunch on Sunday and then we will be heading home.

I am going to  blog a few days early in case I don’t get a chance to write while we are away… who knows you may get short random blogs about our travels…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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