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Your Team is Like a Wedding Cake

A NEW Thirty One catalog for the Summer.  A NEW Director in Qualification.  Top Month in Sales for the Rays of Hope Team.  My team may be small (22 my downline) but they are AWESOME!

As my team grows and I move up in leadership, I wonder how to divide my time and stay connected with everyone on my team while still keeping a handle on my business.  WOW!  It seems like an overwhelming task but thankfully, JulieAnn Jones comes through AGAIN!  She used the visual of a 3-tier wedding cake to to help me figure this out or at least try to.  Here is the simple system she shared:

Tier #1 – Big Picture.  I LOVE this category.  As JulieAnn says, it is for anyone on you team that is breathing.  That means literally EVERYONE should get something on a monthly basis.  It could be an email, a monthly newsletter or a conference call on basic training.  It is something that she says should not take a lot of our time.  Thankfully, I already do this.  I have a Facebook group for  my ENTIRE downline and I do a monthly newsletter.

Tier #2 – Potential.  This tier is for those representatives on your team who are working their business at some consistent level. WOW!  This is not what I thought was Tier 2.  This is one of the tiers that I need to work on, what about you?  To me, this group should get a “personal” note of some kind from me either via email, text or a Facebook post.  Those who are active there are the ones who may move into the next tier.

Tier #3 – Personal.  This is truly your elite tier. Those who get your time and energy in this tier are your true business builders. They are the individuals on your team who are showing up and working consistently and who have set goals and are taking action to move toward them.  These would also include your brand new representatives.

This very simple concept appears great on paper but I have to be honest, for me, it isn’t easy to break up my team like this despite its size.  JulieAnn says that “you lose any guilt about who you should be giving your time to because you’re consistently doing something for every tier to make sure they’re getting the support they’re earning”.  Slicing up my week like a pie devoting no more than 25 – 30% of my time to the first 2 tiers and the rest on my 3rd tier seems to make sense.  My only question is when do I fit in working my business?  Have you guessed that time management is something that I continue to struggle with??

So, does this make sense to you?  Check out more tips from JulieAnn Jones  on her website.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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