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purse personality

Happy Saturday!  I am still in North Carolina with hubby visiting our daughter so if you are reading this it simply means that I didn’t have time to blog.  I mean blog this morning as I wrote this before we left just in case….

We are heading for Ringling Brothers Circus in Asheville today with Belinda and her roommate, Ashley.  See we are recreating the total trip that was planned last year.  I don’t remember going to the circus when Belinda was little – don’t get me wrong, she went but with other family members.  I on the other hand remember going to the circus for my birthday in NY while I was growing up.  Every year I looked forward to that trip that included dinner in the CITY!

Okay, so what does that have to do the “purse-onality”?  Nothing really!  Although I changed my bag several times before leaving for the trip to ensure that I had the right one.  One side of me wanted to take them all so that I could change for every occasion but I knew that would make hubby crazy.  So I went with my go to bag – retro metro bag (bottom left corner).  Big pockets and lots of space to carry things in.  Of course I will have other Thirty One bags in the car, just in case we do some shopping or need to pack anything up to come home.

What is YOUR favorite bag?  Here are the names starting at the top row from left to right:  Cindy Tote, Inside Out bag, Vary You Backpack, Retro Metro Foldover, Explorista Crossbody, Vary You Mini Crossbody, Retro Meto Bag, Organizing Shoulder Bag and the Suite Success Tote.  We have something for every occasion and to fit your style.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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