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BIG or small DREAM

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I have had ANOTHER “AHA” moment… being with Belinda this weekend and seeing one of her “dreams” come true, made me stop and think about my dreams.  Then I got the following email inspiration from “Get Your Girl Back“:

When dreaming Hope, don’t think in terms of a big dream or a small dream but in terms of YOUR dream. Whatever it is, if you give it life by thinking of it daily and putting action behind it weekly, in time that dream of yours will come true- I promise.

Combine that with an AWESOME training last night from my upline, Hope, and I have put my specific dream on paper.  Okay, I know, you have heard it before, right?  Remember the transformation that I talked about – this is all a part of it.  So I am SPEAKING IT!

I want to be an Executive Director with Thirty One making a minimum of $5000 per month. I want a strong team who is “helping others pursue excellence”, making a difference in the lives of the women and families that they touch.

I am going to take the steps necessary to pursue that dream.  YES, it is a big one!  For the first time in a VERY long time, I am not saying “maybe” or “might”.  No, this isn’t the highest level with Thirty One but it is MY dream for me and my family at this stage in my life.  Who knows, that dream may change but for TODAY this is my dream!

What about you?  What is your dream?  Have you written it down?  Why not?  Are you afraid to speak it? Afraid of what others will say or think?

“Intention is knowing exactly what your goal, what your plan of action is and what your desired outcome is”.

It doesn’t matter how BIG or small that DREAM is, as long as it is YOUR dream.  In the past (before the transformation) I would have been hesitant to admit my goal or I would have just said that it was the same as XYZ person.  No more.  I will applaud the successes of those around me and whose goals are lofty (or BIGGER) than mine.

Just as I shared my journey of my weight loss (and ongoing maintenance), I will share with you my journey to Executive Director and the principles that are helping me to reach that goal.  I know that to be measurable, goals need to have action steps and time lines.  That is my next step.  The time frame will be mine, not comparing it to someone else and how fast they did it.

My weight loss journey took a LONG time but I had small measurable goals along the way, so will the journey to Executive Director.  I am not sure what they are yet – I figure a HUGE step has been made by actually speaking my dream.

What is the step you are going to take today to reach your dream?  Will you put it on paper to see every day?  Will you step up milestones that you can CELEBRATE with friends and family?  Will you REWARD yourself along the way?  I would love to hear from YOU!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!




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