Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Creating Space

As I start on this journey to fulfill my dream, one of the things that I need to do is “create space”  that is supportive of my goals.  First step was organizing my office – yes, again!  I shouldn’t say organize, I should say eliminate or move things that keep me from living the life I love.  I moved things that distract me from reaching my goal – clutter on my desk, and those piles of things that I need (or think needs) to get done.  Back to touching a piece of paper once – trash, file in the tickler to do later or take action NOW.

I am learning that “Multitasking is not efficient!”.  WOW! That was definitely a mind blower for me.  What about you?  I have forever thought I was a great multi-tasker and got a lot of things done as a result.  As I look back on the past few weeks, my attempts to multi-task has put more stress on me.  I love this quote by John Medina,

“While you think you’re good at multitasking, what you’re really doing is time slicing. You lose time each time you change tasks and your likelihood of errors increases by 50%. People who push the brain in an attempt to multitask have more anxiety, panic attacks and stress. While multitasking is typical of thousands of people, they should stop trying. You can’t do it. It is not mobilizing your God given IQ.”

So changing my space meant changing the way I think so that I do one task at a time until completed – this is definitely going to be a learning curve for me.  I am now going to block even 10 minutes spams to complete ONE task – whether it be a call to a customer or a hostess or spending time with hubby.

I can’t do it all and neither can you. Creating space will also mean asking for help to do tasks in my office.  I am confidence that this simple change will have me less stressed, more productive and thus reaching my goals.

What changes are you making to create a space that enhances your goals?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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