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It is Saturday morning and I was out the door by 6AM!  Yes, it is another road trip.  This time to Radnor, PA for what will be an AWESOME Thirty One Leadership event.  The best part is that I get to travel with a fellow Thirty One Director, Karen Peet.  Karen and I live, literally, within a stone’s throw of each other.  We met one day for coffee and the rest is history… We have become great friends and a support system for each other.  Thirty One is more than just purses… it is about a sisterhood where women can connect with other women to CELEBRATE – ENCOURAGE – REWARD each other.

I LOVE that Thirty One invests in their leaders – not just those who have reached the top of the ladder but those who are working every day to achieve those goals.  The “cherry on top” is the fact that at each of the locations across the country today (in 17 states) there will be representatives from Home Office.  Okay, so that may not sound like a big deal BUT…..Cindy Monroe, Founder and CEO of Thirty One will be in Radnor PA for our event.  How often does the owner of a company travel to meet with her upcoming leaders?  This isn’t just a one time event either, Cindy and many of the Home Office staff travel on a regular basis to Celebrate and Connect meetings across the country.  I will be squealing with excitement at an opportunity to take another picture with Cindy.

excited child taco

I have to admit that the last (and first time) that I met Cindy was at the Spring Premiere in 2012.  I was a NEW Director and it was my first official Celebrate and Connect meeting (as a co-host).  As I walked up to get my picture taken with Cindy, the tears just began to fall.  Thinking about that moment again – my eyes begin to well up.  Okay, so maybe I am a cry baby but it is that moment with you realize you have reached a goal that you dreamed about for a year!  It is the chance to meet the women whose vision changed your life!  We were laughing because she saw the tears coming and said “quick, take the picture before her make-up runs”.

Cindy & I 1212

I was nervous and so worried about what others thought.  My life has changed so much since I first promoted to Director in 2012… I have become more confident and more accepting of myself.  I have learned so much with the help of some AMAZING Thirty One sisters – thank you Hope Shortt, Deana Farrell, Karen Peet – to name a few.  My team has doubled in size over the last year and each one of them has taught me something new.  I treasure each of them and the impact that they have had on my life.

I have set my goals high and am working on an action plan to make them become a reality.  I am sure there will be more tears today as I EMBRACE the moment and all Thirty One has done for me.  Pictures will follow…

If you want to know about how this “purse thing” can change your life, just ask and I will be happy to talk with you about the gift of Thirty One.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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