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Kids And Direct Sales

Happy Monday!  I hope that everyone had a GREAT weekend.  It was a ThirtyOne-derful one for me with a Leadership training in Radnor, PA on Saturday (more about that in my next blog) and a party in Morristown with some AMAZING women.  I LOVE road trips and the chance to share Thirty One with so many women.

As you know, I have set a goal to PROMOTE; with that comes the need to recruit more team members.  I want to thank JulieAnn Jones for another AWESOME blog.  If you asked my daughter what it was like having a work at home mom (a solo-preneur at the time) she would have said “you get used to her working all of the time” or the other side of that is “my mom is always able to go with me to practice, games, etc.”.  Our life during Belinda’s high school days had a wide range of highs and lows.  It was great that I could be a part of her life but on the other hand, it meant that many times I took work with me.  Remember me talking about the workaholic side of me, right?

Finding balance is tough but most days, I have it down.  I mean I even left the phone alone while we were away in North Carolina as amazing as it was to some…  JulieAnn talked about “what kids gain by having a direct sales mom” so if you even considered doing what I do (or with any other company) here are some things that are an added plus for your kids:

  • Your kids know what you do for a living because they see you do it every day. I think this gives them a greater appreciation for where the money you use to buy them things comes from.  I don’t know about the greater appreciation for money but it did create the desire to be her own boss.
  • They learn the meaning of commitment and see the payoffs for the time you invest in your direct sales business.  Belinda acquired my work ethic and thankfully, she is NOT a workaholic.
  • If you’re earning company incentive trips, they get to go on some pretty cool vacations.  We are working on this one but going to National Conference was a fun free trip too!
  • If you work your direct sales business exclusively (meaning you don’t go to another job), they have the benefit of a full time mom. You’re there for school activities during the school year and camps/swimming/play dates, etc. during the summer.  Think of the money you are saving on child care and all of the fun things you get to do with your kids.

So, what do you think?  Would you love to be a stay at home and still make some extra money?  Would you love to earn FREE trips, meet new people AND get paid?  Why not look into direct sales – of course I would say Thirty One because I BELIEVE they are the BEST!  Okay, so I am a little partial….

Would you like me to share more information on the gift of Thirty One?  Contact me and I will be happy to talk with you about all that we have to offer.  If Thirty One isn’t for you, check out many of the other direct sales companies – I have LOTS of connections and would be happy to share your name with some of my friends…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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