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Leadership Live

I am always surprised when I attend a Thirty One event – you would think by now I would know what to expect, right?  When we arrived, we were greeted by Mike Clouse, Manager of Sales Field Development

Mike Clouse  and given our gifts:  Make Today Count

As I circled the room connecting with many of the women that I had met on Facebook over the last few months, I realized that I was different.  I felt like I belonged in this group – 5% of the company who are in leadership.  The transformation that took place last month at Mom’s Grows a Business continues to help me succeed in my business.  I was a little nervous being out of my comfort zone but that didn’t stop me from walking up to people that I didn’t know even from Facebook and introducing myself.

The training was AWESOME.  I realized some of the things that I used to do that helped me to book parties that I no longer do.  I found some new tricks that might help me to succeed in booking more parties and recruiting.  I was in awe of the fact that Thirty One paid their Directors and above over $3.4 million dollars in commission in just the Northern region in the month of April.  Not only does Thirty One invest in their leaders but in all of their consultants.  Since conference last year (July 2013), Thirty One has spent approximately $9.3 million dollars on our six Celebrate and Connect meetings.  These are bi-monthly training meetings that are hosted by local directors where EVERYONE who attends receives an amenity when they leave.  FREE product to help us grow our business plus training – what company does that for ALL of their consultants?

Yes, I love Thirty One – the people that I have met, my Thirty One sisters, the company’s vision and its products, the changes that it has made in my life – so I am sure I drive people crazy with my passion but I LOVE what I do and I LOVE to share the gift with others.  The cherry on the top of the cake was a visit from Cindy Monroe, CEO and Founder of Thirty One.  She hit two cities (Baltimore and Phillie).  She not only inspired us with her words but she answered countless questions, had her picture taken with everyone individually and signed our John Maxwell books.

Cindy & me 2014

I was nervous meeting Cindy but I held back the tears!  Can you believe it????  I am so excited to see what the future holds for me with Thirty One.  I am being intentional about my goal:

I want to be an Executive Director making a minimum of $5000 per month. I want a strong team who is “helping others pursue excellence”, making a difference in the lives of the women and families that they touch.

Thank you Thirty One for continuing to help me grow, for allowing me to help other women reach their goals and fulfill their dreams.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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