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Good Morning! It is Saturday on a LONG holiday weekend and where is YOUR phone?  I have to admit that mine will be sitting by my side.

Hubby said yesterday, you need a “phone-less” vacation!  I was surprised because I thought I did really good when we were in North Carolina.  I didn’t check the phone as much as I usually do and I actually out it away so that I couldn’t hear it ring.  MAJOR steps, right?  The truth is the ONLY time that I have been totally “unplugged” from everything (cell phone, computer, tablet) was when we were on a cruise.  It is an automatic switch when I get on the ship, it goes off and it doesn’t come back on until we reach the car on our drive home.  I know a week worth of emails and messages can make your head spin but the truth is, I need that once in awhile.

I came across a great blog from “Chapter Friday” that talked about this exact thing.  There are few of the small steps I may try since a cruise is probably a year off…

Here’s what you need to do:
1. Start with 12 hours of disconnection you’ll feel restless at first, but getting used to being phone free times time.  I am asleep for about 7 hours does that count?  How about the 8 hour shifts at WaWA where I only check my phone on my half hour break?

2. Throw a phone free dinner party see the engagement and proper listening increase, oh and no photo’s of food.  Dinner is a no brainer for me.  I don’t do the phone at dinner, especially on the nights that hubby is off.

3. Go out in nature and connect to the real world.  Now that the weather is nice, this is a whole lot easier to do.  I need to go for a walk.

4. Set a phone curfew switch off phones after 8PM and have a relaxing night.  Okay, so this may be a little bit tougher but I am willing to try it.  The problem is when I switch off the phone, the iPad is close at hand to check emails and Facebook.  How do you totally unplug?

5. Grab a magazine and a coffee and go soak up some sun by yourself!  This sounds great in theory but my books are on my iPad which then keeps me connected to the internet if I am close to the house.  UGH!  Give me an old fashioned book and let me start reading.

So, be honest… how many times a day do YOU check your phone?  I gave up counting but I am willing to try at least a few of Chapter Friday’s suggestions.  Are you?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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