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Business Goals

Today feels like a Monday…after a long weekend, it is time to get back to work.  This week will be a busy week for me – wrapping up not only the month end with Thirty One but also the fiscal year.  Thirty One’s year goes from June 1 – May 31st which means that by the end of the month, we will know what each of us are celebrating at National Conference in July.

My goals this past year were to be more consistent, to increase my personal team and to help those who wanted to promote into leadership.  I don’t want to jinx things so I will wait until next week to fill you in on how I did but I am excited…

With the end of a year, thoughts turn to setting goals for the next year and where I would like to be by National Conference 2015.  I am still trying to find my “brand” so I will add that to my list of goals for this year.  My goals with Thirty One have always been focused on numbers (recruits, parties, Personal Volume) and promoting and in the past, I have made them.  So why rock the boat, right? Stick with the basic numbers – be safe.

Truth is, I have reached my goals but I have not been very good at working the action steps leading up to the goal.  I feel like I have fallen into it sometimes.  God has blessed me despite myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I have done the work but some where along the path, I have wandered off. So, based on some tips from my friend and mentor, Vanessa Coppes, I am going to work on my goals this week:

  1. Be specific: I can do this.  I have specific goals that I want to reach in my business and personal life.
  2. Set short-term goals along with your long-term goals.  This is the one that I struggle with. It is almost like if I set a short-term goal and don’t meet it, I kill the whole long-term goal.  Kind of that all or nothing attitude.  I know, not good but that is a trait that I am working on…
  3. Stay committed. This is sometimes hard for me. I get side-tracked with working my part-time job to ensure that there is enough money to pay the bills.  I know it is a lack of faith that my business can and will succeed.
  4. Make goals public.  I have blogged about my ultimate goal so how much more public can I be, right? The truth is that overcoming FEAR is part of the process when it comes to sharing.
  5. Be realistic. I was this year.  Although I wanted to again promote, it was unrealistic because the next promotion is not just about what I want, it is about helping my team get what they want.
  6. Create an action plan for each goal.  You would think after 20 plus years of grant writing this would be easy..This is actually the hardest part for me.  I am going to enlist some help this year so that I have a solid action plan that is posted on my wall to keep me accountable.
  7. Take a step back to analyze the progress.  Note to self, this does not mean BASH yourself when something doesn’t work.  Review and revise what doesn’t work; continue with what is working.

So, this is my game plan for the week to prepare for the upcoming Thirty One year.  Time to start crunching some numbers for my goals and set up my action plan.  I would love to hear how you are doing with your goals.  If you are a calendar year goal setter, are you on track?  Share what works and what hasn’t worked for you…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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