Hope Wissel

WW Check In

UGH!  Tomorrow is my first weigh in at Weight Watchers in THREE weeks….I know you are probably thinking, she made Lifetime so now she thinks she has this, right?  Well, truth be told there was probably that little voice in the back of my head that was saying it.  I have been fighting it for three weeks.

Life got in the way of going to my meeting – work and a vacation in North Carolina seemed to take precedent over connecting with my WW peeps.  Not a good thing for me.  See, I need to remember that at any moment, I can be right back where I started – okay, so maybe not gaining 108 pounds back but you know what I mean.

I stopped tracking.  Working part-time at WaWa has changed the way that I eat at night.  I went from a multi-grain sizzle (5 points) to an egg white omelet sandwich (8 points) and with fruit (0 points) or a Chobani flip (4 points).  I picked up that dreaded donut (12 points) because on the way home, at 11PM or midnight, I was hungry.  Do you see where I am going with this?  If it only stopped with these points, it would be okay but it doesn’t.  I have been drinking diet soda instead of water at work.  I have been snacking on those dreaded mini peanut butter cups – you know the ones by the register!

To top it all off, hubby is liking the idea of going out to lunch on the days that we work.  That means either Taylor Sam’s where I could have a nice salad (or one of the many vegetarian specials) or the Diner where I have my usual egg white omelet with hash browns.  I know why am I confessing all of this in my blog??? I need a reality check!!

I got on the scale at home for the first in about a week only to see the numbers slowly creeping up – just touching the top of my “WW range”.  I am NOT a happy camper.  So, today, I pulled out my tracker and am getting back on track.  Tomorrow is just a test to see where I am with my official monthly weigh in next week.  I definitely don’t want to be over and have to pay! That would be such a waste and it would definitely send me over the edge.

They are right, maintenance is hard.  I do make better choices BUT there are those times when I say “it won’t hurt”.  Too many of those “it won’t hurt days” and I it DEFINITELY WILL HURT!  I will face the music tomorrow and no matter what – I will NOT pay next week when it comes to weigh in.

Looking for some tips on how to stay on track at work.  I thought it would be easier – NOT!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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