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Keep Motivated This Summer

I am planning out the summer with my Thirty One business trying hard to increase my parties and sales over last summer.  I was Vacation Veronica for much of the summer last year, looking forward to new catalogs and  new products without focusing on the present.  As I have been talking with my team, I am already hearing the rumblings of “the summer is hard”.

I love Julieanne Jones who talked about this exact thing in a recent blog.  The biggest problem is that when we take the summer off or start with the negative thinking BEFORE we even try – we set ourselves up for failure.  The summer is a GREAT time to have home parties and to see the benefits of having their own business with Thirty One.  PLUS, we are gearing up for the biggest selling season of the year right?  So, why not keep the momentum going and book for the summer…

Your summer parties may look a little different – more outdoor parties, more open house formats, more kids – no matter who they look, have fun. Get creative.  Remember, the summer parties will set you up for the Fall so keep you business on track with some of these ideas:

1. Set goals for the Fall.  I know it may be crazy to plan this far in advance but with a good plan, you and your team will know what they are working towards.  Do they need money for holiday gifts?  Do they want to take a holiday vacation?  What ever the goal, break it down to how many parties they need and their personal sales volume.

2. Give them incentives they really want.  Don’t parties help and sales increase when there is an incentive offered either by you as a Leader or by Home Office?  I usually don’t offer incentives at the same time as Thirty One Home Office.  I have offered incentives that have encouraged some on my team to earn them.  If you don’t know what would be an incentive for them, ask them? Do a Facebook Survey on your team page.  Do a Survey Monkey so that they can give you more information.  CELEBRATE – ENCOURAGE – REWARD them as individuals and as a team.

3. Get creative on how to work their businesses during the summer months.  Do a trunk party.  Do an open house party with a hostess who has a pool – kids swim, parents shop.  Lots of sporting events happening – take your product & catalogs to share with other families.  Do a Facebook party.  How about a “twisted fundraiser”?  Do a theme party.  The ideas are endless.  The key is to not give up – go for 100 No’s and you will end up with some Yes’s.

Don’t let the summer months dictate a vacation in your business or a downswing in your enthusiasm or that of your team. Share your ideas with us…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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