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Too Busy to Work YOUR Business

The summer season is upon us and with it comes a problem (at least for me).   I struggle with how to continue to work from home when I am busy with life.  I know that sounds crazy, right?  I am getting pulled into different directions and find myself too busy to work my business like a business.  UGH!

Deb Bixler talks about this in a recent blog.  Vacation Veronica lingers on the sidelines wait to pounce or drag me off and away from my business.  I have been talking about this for awhile while I seek balance.  I had an AHA moment the other morning.  I made the decision to get up early (like I used to at 5AM) so that I could shower, do my devotions AND be ready to get to work by 8AM (actually before).  WOW!  It was amazing how much I got accomplished.  I even had a POWER HALF HOUR making pink bag calls to past customers.

What was the difference for me?  Being intentional about my business.  I made the decision that I would only spend time on things that would grow my business.  We all have the same amount of time in a day. So the key is to determine how to use it wisely.  I was in the moment – working my business.  When I got done, I spent several hours with hubby enjoying more moments.  I didn’t check my phone or respond to emails.  We talked.  We laughed.  We enjoyed each other by just being together.

I like Deb’s suggestion of having 3 columns: ASAP – SOON – Some Day!  With a constantly changing list, you can use your pockets of time for business and be effective. 10 minutes, hmmm…. what can I do in 10 minutes? Do it, and cross it off!

A written schedule sets a professional tone to your business.  I LOVE using a schedule, the biggest problem is that my hours at my part-time job are inconsistent.  I never know what it is until a week before and the range of work hours varies greatly.

Work a Business In “Power Hours” Or Blocks Of Time.  With a couple of solid power hours a week with predetermined work assignments you will keep a consistent activity level that is essential to a work at home business.  This is my goal over the next few weeks to get and keep my systems in place.

Busy People Use Big Impact Habits.  A big impact habit is one that is simple to do daily and so simple that you can do it forever. It could be something as simple as making 2 customer care calls every day – forever! While that does not seem like much, the impact will be huge!

Working your business when everything is pulling you in other directions is a commitment that you can make by incorporating a few systems that keep working even when you cannot!  Thank you Deb!  I am putting my systems in place so I can reach my goal for this Thirty One year.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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