Hope Wissel

Smash Book

WOW!  Week 1 of the NEW Thirty One year DONE.  I have set my goals for the upcoming year and as I entered my office this AM, Doubtful Debbie made a visit.  She seems to stop by unannounced when I least expect it, usually when I am short on parties for the upcoming month.  Yes, I am thinking about July in the beginning of June.  With National Conference in July and the 4th weekend – party time is limited AND I hate for my hostesses and customers to miss out on AMAZING specials.

I know what does all of that have to do with “smash books”, right?  The truth is – I wasn’t sure either.  I get daily “Notes from Your Girl” and this one made me STOP and think!  I know you are probably thinking – everything does!  But this one made me more curious than anything.

Spend some time this week cutting out pictures from magazines and glue them into a binder for the creation of a dream journal Hope. When something speaks to you just cut and glue, don’t question…this is your soul directing you toward what you love.

See, I have done vision boards as most do who are in direct sales.  We are encouraged to place our dreams or long term goals on a board so that we can look at them every day.  This motivates us to keep moving forward on those days when Doubtful Debbie or Negative Nellie stops by for a visit.

Lately when I have been looking through magazines, I have been drawn to certain pictures.  Sort of those whispers that say, “wouldn’t that be fun” or “I would love to do that some day” or “When things are (perfect), I will do this”.  Okay, I am sure that I am not the only one that hears these things because I have heard many fellow women in business talk about these books.  I just never had one nor did I think I needed one.  I actually have a small pile of pictures and words that I have been inspired to cut out and save.  They are sitting in a pile on my shelf – waiting.  Waiting for what?  I am not sure.  It is sort of like those family items that you save but are packed away in a box where no one will see them.  I mean why keep them if no one is going to see them.  I am starting to feel the same way about these pictures and words.  They inspired me at the moment so I am sure that God has a purpose for them in my life.  I don’t think he meant for them to be in a pile on my shelf either.

So, I am on a mission to buy a smash book – I saw small ones at Walmart.  Those inspiring pictures and words are going in them.  They will be a place for me to go to when Negative Nellie or Doubtful Debbie come to visit.  The book is small enough that I will be able to carry with me (yes, my bag is that big).

Do you have a smash book or something more than a vision board to keep you focused?  What is your anchor?  Share your thoughts with us…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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