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Finding the Fuel

Week 2 of the NEW Thirty One year almost done and already I am trying to keep focused on my goal and my WHY!  I stopped by (LOVE Facebook events) a training the other night and was HIT with a harsh reality.

Begin by defining the most important reasons you are committed to building a business in Thirty-One. Our deepest, most intimate reasons are the fuel that keeps us moving toward our destination. When we realize the deepest values driving us towards our goals, we install an invisible true north compass within us that moves us passionately and consistently towards our destination without loosing sight of all that is most important.

This has been an ongoing struggle for me.  Belinda is grown and on her own.  I have an amazing hubby who takes care of me (and all of the bills).  I keep saying my Thirty One business is simply a way to pay down debt ( my old debt) and for my wants.  But the truth is, I struggle with that intimate  reason that keeps me moving forward.

Yes, I have dreams and I have a vision of retirement, traveling and financial freedom with no need to do any other work but my Thirty One business.  But what is the “thing”, the emotion that will kick my motivation into overdrive?  When Belinda was young, it was the chance to be a stay at home mom.  Crazy as it sounds, after she graduated, moved to North Carolina and I got married – I lost my fuel and I have been searching for it ever since.

I have days when I am focused, working my business and doing all of the things that “should” be done to continue to make it grow.  Then things slow down a little which they always do especially in the summer for me, so I “accept” the slow down and work my part-time job a little more. OUCH!  That is such a “cop out”, right?  Yes, I am showing my age!  Instead of focusing on my vision and my motivation for my business to propel me forward, I accept and retreat.

It’s time to decide what vision you have and how much it really means to you.

I keep digging deep inside myself to see what the vision is and I keep coming up short (and I don’t mean in height).  I LOVE helping my team and seeing them achieve their goals and their why.  Then “Negative Nellie” pays a visit to say that my business is not as good as theirs and the comparison game begins again.  I spend so much time and energy on fighting Negative Nellie, and Doubtful Debbie that I have no time or energy left to work on my business.

With no fuel for my business, life gets in the way.  I get busy being busy and suddenly realize that I have not connected with 10 people for that day, and missed an opportunity to share the gift of Thirty One.  No fuel to keep my compass heading in the right direction – towards my dreams and vision.

Please tell me that I am not alone in this…I have to admit, this true confession is hard because I am a Leader and “should” know where I am going and my why, right? I will be doing some sole searching over the next few weeks to hunt for the fuel to fire up my motivation and keep me going.

I would love to hear how you found that inner fire to keep you moving forward when the kids are grown, the bills are paid, there is not an impending “crisis” to avert…..what is your FIRE that keeps you moving forward?  Please share your thoughts with me.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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