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Thriving Summer Business or On Vacation


This is the week that school gets out in most areas, so it is the “official” start to summer for thousands of kids (and moms).  For those of us in direct sales, I think this is a more challenging time of year to keep our business thriving.  The kids are home, routines are next to extinct and let’s face it, who wants to work when we can be enjoying this play time.

When Vacation Veronica drops in to visit, we see a drop in our sales.  People go on vacation and “no one wants to host a party”, right?  WRONG!   People are still spending money in the summer and in some cases even more.  You just need to be creative to keep your business thriving throughout the summer months.

Here are some more tips from Direct Sales Education Foundation:

Host a Summer Bash – This is an AWESOME idea, if you have the space.  Host a summer bash that offers food, fun and music. It’s a great way to attract families, and encourages them to bring their friends which can potentially open you up to new business. Post the flyer around town, as well as on local event websites, and sell tickets for the food (or team up with local restaurants to offer it.) It’s a great way to generate buzz and visibility for your business.  My creative juices are flowing because I definitely want to do this, just that the space in the condo is limited along with parking.

Get a Booth at a Local Farmer’s Market Farmer’s markets today offer much more than just produce, and many consumers look forward to shopping there weekly. Get a regular table at your local farmer’s market. You can offer products for sale while also generating new interest in your business. And take time to talk to the other vendors there. This is a great take on vendor events.  I may not get a booth but I will definitely be heading to many of them carrying my Thirty One bags and looking for new contacts.

Christmas in Summer Pull out those holiday decorations, and offer specials that help people begin their holiday shopping early (saving them stress!) Host a holiday-themed event and serve holiday cookies, play holiday music, and make the even light-hearted in fun.   I am already planning a Christmas in July Facebook event for the week I get home from National Conference.  What a great mid-way point to the summer.

Take Your Business With You on VacationAre you going on vacation? Don’t leave your business behind! Take along promotional items that talk about your business, and be sure to network with people you meet along the way. This seems like a no brainer to me especially since I use all of my products when I travel.  If you sell through parties or appointments, try to schedule some in the city you’re visiting ahead of time. By planning ahead, you can develop some new business, and possibly even write off your trip as a business expense (check with your tax advisor on this!).  This is where you will need to step out of your comfort zone and approach new people, engage in conversations and share your business.

How do you keep your business thriving in summer? Would love to read your thoughts in the comments below!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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