Hope Wissel

Summer Theme Party Ideas

I have been talking about bookings and how to keep your summer calendar full.  I have to admit, I get torn between these AWESOME creative ideas and my “party cards”.  I love being creative and having fun but I also like the structure or the party cards.  My dilemma – how do you combine the two for a successful party?  I will continue to use the party cards but try to tweak them based on the theme that the hostess selects.  Check out this link for some more party ideas.

Here are some great theme party ideas that can get you through the summer (recommended by a few of my Thirty One sisters):

  1. Pool Party–Hold show around pool, get a small plastic play pool and fill with ice and drinks. You might even have a swimsuit contest! (or encourage people to wear one and be cool)
  2. Margarita Party
  3. Build your own Sundaes–Hostess provides the ice cream and the guests bring toppings.
  4. Wine & Cheese Party–Hostess serves wine and cheese for dessert.
  5. Summer Salads–Ask each guest to bring their favorite summer salad recipe exchange, maybe samples.
  6. Garden Party–Have the show in some-ones garden have every guest wear their garden hat or big floppy hat.
  7. Mother/Daughter Party – Includes mothers-in-law, step-mothers, grandmothers etc. It’s a time for laughter and sharing with a favorite picture.  Everyone brings a picture of with their mom to share with everyone.
  8. Come and Go Party – On the go? Juggling too many things at once? Have friends drop in and out in allotted time period. Drawing every 30 minutes.
  9. Howdy pardner! No hoe-down here but round up your buddies and let’s have a hooting good time with Thirty-One! Wear your cowgirl hat or cowgirl boots and receive a free gift!
  10. Oh What A Night! Come enjoy a party of purses and laughter as we celebrate the 70’s with Thirty-One! Free gifts will be given to those that dress in 70’s attire!
  11. 80’s style invite: Are you itching to get back to a time when everything was “totally” cool? Why not relive it all with an 80s party? Celebrate in style with shoulder pads, swatch watches, a single, silver sparkle glove and wayfarer sunglasses.

Tired of the same hum drum, let’s face it – boring home parties doesn’t help our business.  Spice up your next direct sales home party with an exciting theme!  The ideas below ought to get your creative juices flowing. Start planning your next bash and watch the sales roll in!

What is YOUR favorite summer party theme?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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