Hope Wissel

Graduation Day

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Congratulations to all of the Graduates in Brick (and everyone else too)!  Last night was graduation for both Brick high schools.  I don’t get the idea of having both graduations on the same day even though they are at different times but who am I to question tradition, right?

It was 39 years ago, that I graduated from Ocean Township High School.  Yes, next year we are celebrating our 40th Reunion – I can’t believe it.  I remember the night of graduation like it was yesterday.  I don’t remember a lot of things (you know momentary senior moments) but that night stands out.

The day started of a mix of sun and clouds with a prediction of rain for later in the evening.  Graduation at OTHS was always outside on the field.  The graduates sat on the field facing family and friends in the stands.  I was particularly nervous because I had to SPEAK!  No, nothing like Valedictorian – I was co-Editor of the Yearbook and had to present it to the school principle. Sound simple enough right?  But that meant standing in front of people, speaking – my lack of confidence can be traced all the way back to high school (probably about my Sophomore year).  I could do this!

As we lined up to walk onto the fields, the clouds started to roll in a little thicker.  The Administrators, in their infinite wisdom, felt that we could get through this BEFORE the rain started.  Okay, I mean we were only the 400+ students walking out onto the field with no covering.  Family and friends came armed with umbrellas just in case the heavens had a different plan for the day.  The gym was set-up as a back up plan.  Chairs in place for the guests and the bleachers ready to hold the graduates.  The problem was that if we moved inside, many of the guests would not see graduation as seating was limited to only 4 tickets per student.

I am sure you can see where this is going… we walked out onto the field and I think we made it through maybe 1 or even 2 speeches when the heavens opened up.  Now the mad dash to the gym…it was crazy.  Now there would be no walking across the stage to get our diplomas (or empty cases).  I did get to make my speech but after the calamity of scurrying inside, who could be nervous, right?

What is your favorite memory from graduation?  Share it with us…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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