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Get a Life

Thank you Traci Bild for the “Quit Your Job and Get a Life“.   I had a chance to actually meet and hear Traci speak at the  Mom Grows a Business  conference.  Her energy was infectious.

I feel like I am getting a life this week.  Sounds crazy right?  Well, I have given up my part-time WaWa job for a variety of reasons but the main one is that I am TOO OLD to stand on my feet for 6 – 12 hours a day with only a half hour break.  I am not wired for that – my feet ache, my legs feel like they can’t move and I am just plain tired.  You would think after loosing 100+ pounds, I would be full of energy.

The focus of Traci’s article was that “Everyone has a natural gift or talent- something they are good at that comes easily to them while perhaps difficult for others to do.”  I am always trying to figure out what my natural talent or gift is, you know that one thing people comment on that you do so effortlessly.  Writing seems to be one of my gifts.  Of course, it isn’t paying the bills so I have to look a little further.  I LOVE bags – my Thirty One business lets me share that passion with others.  I am close to my monthly goal for paying the bills.  Still, I was looking for that “little something” to bring in the extra cash so I could still do the things that I LOVE while gaining financial freedom.

I get lots of compliments when I am at vendor shows and around groups of people – I LOVE people.  So, how do I turn that into something that makes money.  Yes, I have decided to take a different part-time job.  One that doesn’t require me to stand for long periods of time and allows be to be around people (hopefully with lots of opportunity to share the gift of Thirty One).  I will be working in an office that has a lot of foot traffic for 25 hours a week.  Not a lot of hours but the hourly rate is good AND it is set hours so I can GET A LIFE.  Although, I am not sure that is exactly what Traci meant when she said to get a life.

I am re-energized by the fact that I can work my PASSION which is my Thirty One business consistently so that I can truly have it as my full-time, full income job.  I have heard there are lots of ways to make money from blogging but I haven’t gotten there yet – I still wonder if anyone reads my blogs.

So what about you? What is that one thing that if given the chance, you would do every day? Life is too short to spend half of it at a job that drains your soul. Take the time to explore your gifts, play with ideas as to how you might convert them into income and imagine a future where you get paid to do what you love!

To download the first chapter of Traci’s forthcoming book, Get Your Girl Back,click HERE.


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