Hope Wissel

The WaWa Experience

Today is HUMP Day and my last shift at WaWa.  It is a day filled with many emotions because over the last 18 months, I have come to enjoy the regular customers and the majority of my co-workers.  It has been a learning lesson for me on many levels.

Yes, I took my WaWa job seriously despite the fact that for many years, I had a VERY different opinion of the people who worked at one.  When I first applied online, I did it thinking this will be a breeze.  I mean how hard could it be, right?

Once I was hired, I was amazed by all that goes on behind the scenes.  It became really clear that employee and customer perspectives are very different.  My hubby stopped in to use the rest room and while I spotted all of the “mess”, he saw a clean store with a lot of hard working people.  Okay, so I digressed for a little bit.  When I first started, I thought I would stand at the register and wait for people to check out just kind of in my own little world.  WRONG!  That may happen on 1st shift because of how crazy busy they are but on 2nd shift (my shift) there is just too much to do with only a handful of people.  So, we all do everything from the register, to coffee, to deli, to snacks and putting away deliveries.  This hectic pace wrecked havoc on my body.  I give everyone who works at WAWA credit because it is tough work.  I tell my customers – I don’t need to pay to go to the gym, I come to work and get paid to work out.  Funny but true.

I found the WaWa Corporation to be an AWESOME company to work for even though I had little room for comparison.  I have not worked in the corporate world since casinos which was not entirely a positive experience.  From the first day, there was training (hands on and on the computer) with tests and ongoing updates with more tests.  I was amazed by the kindness of the GM – Christine who worked with me allowing me time to work my Thirty One business.  Corporate was generous when hubby was in the hospital last year too – I mean what company sends a care package of awesome blankets to an employee who has only worked 5 months for them with an average of 10 hours per week.

I would recommend the WaWa Corporation to anyone as an employer whether it is for part-time work, or a life-time career.  The company offers great benefits and the pay isn’t bad either. Of course, you get some employees that you could live with out but you have to take the good with the bad in any job.  I will forever look at the employees at WaWa with respect and admiration for their hard work.  I will miss the people and the regular customers who I have come to know by name.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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