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Leadership Myth #3

Happy HUMP Day!  Leadership Myth #3 was a true AHA moment for me.  It made me realize that I AM a leader despite all of my doubts. Okay, are you wondering what this “SMACK” myth is?

Myth #3 is “You have to create trainings for your team members”

Is this one of YOUR fears?  Does this make you wonder if you can be a leader? I have an AMAZING upline who just seems to have a knack for creating fun and informative trainings.  I always feel like I have to live up to that when the truth is creating trainings are NOT one of my strong points.  That became very obvious last week…my team had requested a “training” on how to do fundraisers.  So, “Fun-draising for Fun and Profit” was developed and I should say FLOPPED.  I spent countless hours trying to figure out ways to make this training fun on Facebook.  it was a dry topic but it was filled with lots of information – maybe too much.  I wanted to WOW them but they have to show up to WOW them, right?  Out of a team of 27, only  3 actually showed up for the training.  UGH!  So, maybe training is not a strong point for me…

Then Dana Wilde shares the TRUTH which is “Be a resource for your team”.   This is something that I can do…I mean have a LOT of resources.  As a “retired” social worker, I am FULL of resources.  So, Dana suggested how to be a resource:

  1. Start with your company.  Thirty One has what seems like an unlimited amount of resources – videos, 31 minute calls, files, and more.
  2. Get plugged into trainers (The Mind Aware, JulieAnne Jones, Shari Hudspeth and more).  When I first looked to leadership, I started with The Mind Aware by Dana Wilde.  It was there that I had the chance to hear all kinds of trainers with LOTS of different ideas.  I was able to find the tips that worked for me.

Being a resource is about discussing a topic, not training on it.  It encourages your team to invest in their own success.  It gets them fired up.  Challenge them to use those resources and share what they learned and what tips they are going to try in their business.

Do people come to you for help?  Then you have skills to be a leader.  Step out of your comfort zone and give it a try…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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