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Catalog Parties

Happy Monday!  I am blessed to be able to head off to another week of training at my new job and excited to see what the week holds for my Thirty One business.  Over the weekend, I came across a blog post from JulieAnne Jones – yes, another one!  This is on catalog parties.  Catalog parties seems to be the way people are going this summer.  They can carry their books with them, share the catalog with friends and family with no ties to the house.  There is no need to clean, no food preparation and no stressing whether or not anyone is going to show up.  These are all perks for the hostess BUT….I know that dreaded word right?

I used to say that I struggled with catalog parties.  I struggled because I treated them like I wasn’t involved in the process.  You know, give the hostess the packet and forget about it.  I sort of (unknowingly) expected her to do all of the work and I reaped the commission.  Oh sure, she got the hostess perks but what was I doing to help her succeed.  NOTHING!  So I had to change my thinking.  According to JulieAnne, “I knew that I was in business to do three things:

Sell my products
Book parties
Share my opportunity

Since catalog parties only cover one of those three objectives (and really the least important one to the overall growth of a direct sales business, in my opinion), they really shouldn’t be taking up much of your time.

The truth is, I never saw the value of them UNTIL I had TWO AWESOME hostess who rocked their catalog parties.  Tonya came in with a whooping $800 plus party.  I was shocked considering that she was a contact that I made at a vendor show AND we couldn’t coordinate a date for a party.  She loves the product and is looking forward to having a HOME party in September to showcase all of the NEW Thirty One prints and products.  Evelyn was a home party turned catalog – she actually did TWO in one month for a total of $400 plus in sales.  She is working on a date for September as well.  So with that being said, I wanted to make sure that I worked my upcoming catalog parties LIKE home party to ensure their success.

Here are 3 Tips for Catalog Party Success from JulieAnn:

1. Coach Your Host.  We coach our home party hostesses so why wouldn’t we coach our catalog party hostess.  They are still an important component to our business.  I don’t usually count them in my number of events/ parties – I think of them as gravy!  Or the icing on the cake.  Despite all of that you still need to: help them get the word out about their party, show them how to accurately fill out an order form, get payment information, etc. AND how to use your catalog to sell.  In some ways, I think there is more work in coaching a catalog party hostess.

catalog party button

2. Go for a Goal.  Make sure you have your host set a goal for herself so she’s shooting for something. That will motivate her toward a successful party. Without it, most catalog parties are doomed to failure.  Get her WISH LIST.  Help her every way you can to ensure her success.

3. (This is the most important) Set a Closing Date:  Do NOT say “Let me know when you’re ready to close.” I usually give my hostess 2 weeks.  I mean how many of us work better under pressure?  A short time line keeps the prize in front of your hostess and ensures success for both of you!

What is YOUR best tip for a successful catalog party?   I am open to suggestions because this is an area that I definitely am working on.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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