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Do you know what today is???  Yes, it is Wednesday – HUMP Day!  The fog from the long holiday weekend may have finally started to life and NOW you realize it is JULY! You look at your calendar and see that there isn’t much on it for July or August. Now, if you are like me…. I have a million reasons WHY July is a lot slower for me.  See if this sounds like you…. it was a holiday weekend, hubby’s birthday, and Thirty One’s National Conference which takes TWO weekends away right off the bat.  EXCUSES NOT REASONS!  So what about the other  21 days of the month.  Before you write if off as yet another “J” month here are some ideas for jump starting your bookings for the rest of July and August…

Choose one or two out of the six ideas below and watch what happens!

1. Get Your Catalogs Out There. Your company spends lots of money creating this AWESOME marketing tool – your catalog. Get it out there and it will bring you bookings. Here are some ideas:  Send a catalog to a friend, neighbor or co-worker who has moved.  Put a catalog in your employee lunchroom.  Give a catalog to the receptionist at your doctor or dentist office.  Put current catalog in your neighbor’s door and include a 10% off coupon.  Have your spouse or friends take a catalog to work.  Your catalogs do no one any good sitting on the shelf in your office.

2. Throw Yourself a Party. Find a reason to celebrate something and invite everyone you know to come help you celebrate. Offer incentives if they bring a guest and host it as an open house to increase attendance. It could even be a fund raiser for your favorite charity.  I have always loved doing this but space has become limited at the condo so it is time to find another FREE location.

3. Get Yourself Out There! If you’re face to face with people, they’ll get your enthusiasm and want to share in it. Here are some ideas for getting out there and meeting new people: Work with other consultants in your downline or area and host a booth at your local county fair or summer bazaar.  Check out local job fairs – they’re filled with people looking for work!  Vendor events are a great way to meet people.  Not able to get in as a vendor… stop by and talk to other vendors to see how things are going. I can’t wait until I am off next week to check out the local farmer’s market and share my mini catalogs.

4. Think of New Places and Environments to Host Parties. You can do your presentation in some interesting places – not just a host’s home. Do an open house format and the possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas:
Host an office party during lunch or after work. Attendance will be automatic!  Host a restaurant party – the host doesn’t have to do anything except invite people and show up!  Hold a “multiple host” event, holding several shows in the same place on the same night.  I LOVE this idea just need to find some new places – poolside, baseball field, picnic grounds, playground.  You get the idea.

5. Make your Party a Booking Event!  You know that the best place to book parties is AT your parties, right?  You are probably thinking – I need parties on my calendar BEFORE I can make them a booking event!  There are so many ideas on planting booking seeds, the list is endless.  The main thing is to make your parties fun so your guests will want to book!

6. Here are some other Ideas:

  • Include a business card or flyer with ALL your bill payments. My business information is on EVERY email that I send.
  • Wear clothing with your company logo on it. This is an every day thing for me.  Do you carry or use your own product?
  • Call your realtor with suggestions for “new home packages”.
  • Carry a notepad to jot down names and contact information.  Make sure that you get their information when you give them information.  Most people will take information and then never call….

Thank you JulieAnn Jones for these great ideas.  What are some of the creative ways that you fill your calendar?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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