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Every morning I listen to the Word of the Day by John Maxwell.  Some days I just listen while I am doing other things and then there are those days that he hits it out of the park!  Today was one of those days…. the word EXPECTATION!

By definition, the word expectation means:

  1. a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future
  2. a believe that someone will or should achieve something

I began to think about my expectations – for my business, for my financial freedom, and for my personal life.  When I start to think, some would say it is a scary thought!  The truth is despite what I put out there as my goals and dreams; my expectations are what control my circumstances.  I can say “I DREAM BIG”, or “I will be a Senior Director by NC 2015”, or I will have financial freedom – they are all words and pictures on a vision board.  The truth is my expectations are much smaller.

I talk a lot about Doubtful Debbie but she plays into the BIG picture.  She pushes the buttons on my self-esteem and my confidence level.  She limits my expectations.  Last week, I remember talking to my hubby about a Recruiting Rockstar that is on my team.  I have struggled with recruiting for years.  I have been blessed with a solid small team who rocks it in sales every month.  When I heard John Maxwell talk about expectations, I realized that my expectations have expired.  I talk about my goals.  I have faith that if that is my path, God will bless me.  The difference is that my expectations are much lower than that – they have expired.  I have found myself NOT talking about the business opportunity to those who are selling rockstars – hostesses or customers.  I just expect that they won’t be interested so as a result, they aren’t interested.

I approached two of my hostesses who have continuously have parties and love the product about becoming a consultant.  Both of them, said “not at this time”.  That wasn’t a “NO”.  That wasn’t a “don’t ask me again”.  It was simply, not at this time!  As JulieAnn Jones would say – the door is still open.  I will continue to share with them the possibilities as they book parties and have promote my business.  It is time for me to EXPAND my EXPECTATIONS!  To truly leave Doubtful Debbie out in the cold (or the heat) while I move forward gaining confidence and growing my team.


What are your expectations for your business or in your personal life?  Have they expired?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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