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Don’t Believe Everything You Think


Have you ever heard the saying “If you hear it 3 times, it must be true”?  Well, the last few days THIS quote has appeared THREE times (at least) either in print or verbally to me.  So, I am beginning to think that God is trying to send me a message.  What do you think?

I hit a”funk”, maybe you can relate or not.  That period when I don’t have any parties on my calendar for the next 2 months, no one is answering my texts or calls, struggling to maintain my goal weight and Negative Nellie along with Doubtful Debbie are having a party in my head. I know that the main reason for all of this is because for the last two weeks, I was training on my NEW part time job.  Yes, the job will be part time but the training was full time.  UGH!  Can I tell you how much I don’t like full-time scheduled work in an office?  I missed or will miss gathering with my ETTM peeps this month.  Scheduled for Sundays, so missing church will be an adjustment.  Working Monday – Thursday (4, 10-hour days) for the last 2 weeks left me little time to work my Thirty One business.  Then to top it off, I am having IT problems and NOT getting my emails from Home Office.

Let’s break it down so I am NOT believing EVERYTHING that I am thinking (or wallowing in a pity party). I currently have 2 catalog parties going on – POSITIVE.  No home parties in July – a hiccup.  My ONE home party rescheduled for the Fall – POSITIVE. I have a “Christmas in July” Facebook party this week which will be a BIG success so why stress NOW, right? I know that I will gain sales, I will also clean out my overstock.  Extra money for National Conference AND money to stock up on the NEW Fall products.

The month isn’t even at a half way mark and already in my head, I have written it off.  It is just a THOUGHT!  Not a good one, I admit but I don’t have to believe it.  Some days, I have lots of thoughts (mostly negative) and then some where along the line IF I don’t jump ship on those thoughts, I begin doubting my self in all areas of my life.  Okay, so now you are thinking – she is just feeling sorry for herself, right?  Negative Nellie and Doubtful Debbie need to END their party!!!!

Today’s blog is like therapy for me – get out the BAD thoughts so that I can BELIEVE the TRUTH… The truth is:

  • I am stepping out of my comfort zone daily to meet new people – POSITIVE
  • I am getting referrals for new customers from past and current networking opportunities – POSITIVE
  • My part-time job training is OVER and NOW, I can focus on a NEW routine for growing my business – POSITIVE
  • I TRUST and BELIEVE that God has a plan and despite my screw-ups, it will come to fruition – POSITIVE
  • Hubby has become one of my biggest cheerleaders, encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone – POSITIVE
  • I have been asked to submit a proposal for a fundraiser with a NEW group of women – POSITIVE
  • In just 6 days, my cup will overflow as I CELEBRATE – ENCOURAGE – REWARD my team at National Conference – POSITIVE

Thank you for being my therapist today and getting me out of the funk….As I opened my 365 Day Brighteners book, I found these messages:

We both believe, and disbelieve a hundred times an Hour, which keeps Believing nimble – Emily Dickinson

I do believe; help me to overcome my unbelief! – Mark 9:24 NIV

Okay – I get the message!!!!!  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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