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Christmas in July

santa july sale

Tonight is the night! You won’t want to miss this crazy Facebook Party.  It is a combination – Facebook party, Flash Sale, Auction along with extra bonuses for just dropping in and checking in.

We all love a deal, right?  So why not start your shopping early? Let me give you the details….

Before you can join in the fun, we have to be friends on Facebook.  Don’t worry, I will not stuff your Timeline or your message box with lots of requests (you know the pleading ones)  for parties,orders or to join my team. In fact, we don’t even have to be Friends, personally.  You can join my VIP Customer group (no Thirty One Consultants, please) by clicking HERE.  Okay, once you have been accepted into the group, I will invite you to the party…

Location:  FACEBOOK EVENTS.  Once you are invited, invite your friends.  Let them get in on the action and see what Thirty One is all about.

Date and Time:  TONIGHT at 8PM the party starts.  If you can’t make the party, accept the invite so that you can see all of the Facebook postings.  Some auction items will be available until Sunday, July 20th at 5PM.

How it works:

  • Refresh your screen often because I will be posting about every minute or so.  No, I am not that quick at typing but there is an AWESOME program called Tiny Torch that I use which helps ALOT!
  • If it is an AUCTION item, you just keep upping your bid in whatever increment you want.  Winners will be announced as we go along.
  • If it is a FLASH SALE item, these are items that I have used for display.  Some are retired prints and products, some are current products in retired prints or some could be product that I don’t need anymore.  The first person to type the work “MINE” is the winner.
  • If you want to place an order from the catalog taking advantage of one of the many BONUS specials, you can go online to my website under Parties “Christmas in July”.  I will make price adjustments for party orders when the party closes on the 20th.

It is a whirlwind of fun and excitement that my customers LOVE!  So, do you want to share in the fun??  If not but you are interested in hosting a party:


HOT DATES in August are the 1st – 15th for a catalog, Facebook or home party (dates are going fast).  Parties MUST to be held AND close to be eligible for the special gifts.  Other Bonus dates are available.

Want to know if Thirty One can change YOUR life, like it has changed mine? Ask me about joining my team:

Best deal of the summer

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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