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An Action Plan


CHANGE!  I always said that I adapt well to change.  When bumps in the road occur, I smooth over them, knowing that everything will be okay.  Changes in my routine take a little bit longer for me to adjust to.  So, here I am with yet another change in the way that I am doing business or should I say running my business…

I have Monday – Thursday (all day & night) to work my business.  That can be in the office making calls, sending emails, connecting with potential customers, hostesses and recruits via Facebook (as long as I don’t get sucked into the FB vortex) – all money making opportunities.  In addition to that, I have a hubby who supports my business and acknowledges that I need to work my business, want quality time too.  So, here comes the struggle for balance in my life.  I need an effective ACTION PLAN.  One that I can work for 30 days – then it will become habit, right?  I found an article or should I say it found me on Direct Selling Education Foundation that gives some suggestions….

My goals are set… they are posted in my office for all to see.  I talk about them all the time.  My area of struggle is having benchmarks along the way with due dates to ensure that I stay on track.  I am great at winging it!  I KNOW that I will reach my goal – I can see myself walking across stage at National Conference 2015 as a Senior Director.  I know that I will recruit MORE team members and continue to grow my business.  I know it, I BELIEVE IT – okay so knowing and believing are two different things and sometimes I struggle with the believe part.  Not today!!!

The steps that I struggle with are:

  • Prioritizing my steps ensuring that I take action on things even if they are uncomfortable for me.  I have to “Eat the F.R.O.G” first each day!  This will be a change for me but I can do it!
  • Break down long-term projects into smaller chunks. If something seems too overwhelming, we tend to do nothing because we don’t know where to start. Breaking down projects into smaller tasks will prevent this from happening.
  • Plan realistically. My plan is realistic.  It is scary but it is doable.  It is within my grasp, if I work my business and focus on the needs of others instead of worrying about my goals.

zig ziglar

  • Revisit and adapt as needed.  I did that already.  My original DREAM plan was to promote one level every year at National Conference. The truth is, I didn’t BELIEVE it nor was it realistic because the next level is not something that I can do on my own.  It is based on team work and helping others see the gift of Thirty One as a chance to change their lives like it has changed mine.  My current year goal – change is NOT an option!  As business owners, we must always be flexible, prepared, and willing to adapt to change and unforeseen circumstances.

Do you have an action plan for your business? What are some of the things that your struggle with and how have you overcome them?  Share your best tips with us…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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