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Did YOU Thank God

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Today is a day to Reflect, Relax and Recharge…Oh, did I mention, I have to work today.  This was the first full weekend of my new part-time work schedule, so I didn’t get to church this morning.  When I opened my Facebook this morning – this picture popped up which got me to thinking..

What did I thank God for yesterday?  Then I got to thinking about how the days fly by and although I say “I am grateful” do I really say “Thank You”. The truth is I do devotions every morning and sometimes I stop and listen to what God wants me to hear BEFORE I jump into doing work.  The black hole of email and Facebook draws me in moving me from moments of prayer to what is happening in the social media world.  Before long the day is over and I have not taken the time to talk with God, thank him AND listen for his words of wisdom for me.

So, if I were to only have the things that I thanked God for yesterday, I would probably have to say: I would be sitting in an empty field ALONE!  YIKES!  That is a scary thought and one that jolted me back to reality.  I think about the things I used to do when I did my devotions in the morning which included taking a few minutes or sometimes up to an hour to write my prayers to God.  See writing for me is so much better than talking to God.  When I write, I seem to stay in the moment of what I am doing.  While when I talk, I get sidetracked – pulled in different directions and never seem to get back to giving God the glory.  No judgements, please!  I praise God through song daily.  I attend church when I can.  I tithe.  I am on the Count team at church.  I donate to causes that are dear to my heart without looking for recognition.  I say all of this because it is the top layer, not the deep personal relationship that I long for daily with God.  I feel like I stopped LISTENING so sometimes God stopped talking.  Okay, so I know that is not true, he talks to me all of the time – the problem is that I don’t hear him because I let the busyness of life get in the way.

So TODAY I am thankful for:

  • A loving and caring God who continues to talk to me even when I may not be listening
  • My family – my hubby, my daughter, my parents (and step-parents), my sisters and their families.  We have a family bush and each have impacted my life in some way and I am grateful.
  • My Thirty One sisters.  This group of women have changed my life and it is about more than a purse.
  • My hostesses and my customers.  This group of women have not only helped me to build my business, they have also been a part of my life.  We have shared good times and bad.  We have shared tears of joy and of sorrow.  They have taught me lessons and helped me to grow.

So, tomorrow if all I had were the things that I would be thankful for, it would be about the relationships in my life that make a difference.  I appreciate the material things in my life BUT things can be replaced, people can not.  My list of gratitude could go on and on because TODAY there are a lot of people for whom I am grateful who have helped me to grow personally and professionally.

Thank you Lord, for placing each person in my life whether it be for a moment, a day, a season or forever.  I am grateful for their lessons and guidance.  What are YOU thankful for today?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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