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I Found My Brand



I have been hearing talk about “branding” for almost a year now (thank you Vanessa Coppes) and I am still trying to figure it all out.  I have read countless articles about it, watched videos and have been trying to narrow down my niche.  I have always wondered WHY I need a brand?  Can I tell you that the light bulb came on during a conversation with my hubby.  Okay, so sometimes I am a little slow…

We were talking about my business and I was asking him for input on some new ideas.  He simply said “It is always a party with you”.  You should use “party with Hope” as a tagline.  WOW!  That kind of summed things up for me.  When we talked about Thirty One’s Core Values at a recent meeting – I was unanimously FUN LOVING!


The thing is, I would have never thought of myself that way.  I let that side come out to play at parties, and a training meetings but I have always wondered what people thought of me (you know the people pleaser) so I would hold back sometimes.  I have made the decision to EMBRACE the FUN-side of me and brand it!

So I headed to where I immediately set up a forward page for “” to my Thirty One home page.  This is so much easier to say or for people to type in a web browser.  When I typed that into google – after some Wickepedia things – my blog kept coming up.  WOOHOO!

My 30-second introduction has become “I am an Entrepreneur and Blogger that CELEBRATES – ENCOURAGES – REWARDS women with a Girl’s Night Out! I offer fun, fashionable and affordable organizing products for all aspects of your life”.  I say that with confidence because I LOVE what I do whether it is working with my hostess, my customers or my team.  This always leads into a discussion about Thirty One and my blog!  People are interested and want to know more – isn’t that what a brand is supposed to do?

In direct sales, we are always asked our “why” and as many of you know, I have struggled with finding the deep emotional WHY for me.  Of course, we all want financial freedom, the ability to make our own schedules along FREE products and trips but that doesn’t stir the emotions in me.  I know, crazy right?  What I truly want is to help other women have fun while earning a great income that supports their why, whatever that may be – additional income, girl time, etc.

Now, on to the next step of branding….getting some pictures to go along with my tag line, new business cards and get ready to   HAVE FUN!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!




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