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By the time you read this, I will be having breakfast at Cracker Barrel before boarding the bus for Columbus, OH!  Yes, a bus! Yes, Ohio!  It is that time of year again – Thirty One’s National Conference.  This year, there are actually THREE locations since we have grown so much in the last year – Denver, Columbus AND Canada.  Can I get a WOOHOO???

After looking at airfare, I decided to join some of my team AND 39 other crazy bag ladies on a road trip to end all road trips.  Taking the bus to Columbus will be an experience for ALL of us.  We will all get to know each other very well during the 9 hour ride headed there and I am sure coming home, most of us will sleep.  Denver’s Conference was a week ago and the rumors are already flying about how AMAZING it was and how “on fire” everyone’s business is since they arrived home.

I am excited to be re-connecting with old friends, sharing conference for the first time with many on my team as well as getting the chance to make some new friends.  It is definitely more than just a “purse thing”.  It is a sisterhood that can not be explained in a few short words.  The speakers for this year are going to ROCK the house:

My pink princess cowboy hat is ready for the trip… hubby can’t believe that I actually found one, in North Carolina too!  I am ready to absorb as much as possible.  So here is what else I am taking…

  1. A GOOD Attitude! Despite anything that’s happened that day or on my travels, I want to attract other consultants & leaders and they are ONLY attracted to good attitudes. CHECK.
  2. My Power Hour Binder with hostess contacts, list of 62 (or more), potential consultants info, and VIP customer contacts so I can text, email or call them about something I think would excite them.  CHECK
  3. A DESIRE to learn and take in AS MUCH as I possibly can from every person I meet. CHECK
  4. Catalogs/minis – you never know where you will meet your next hostess or team member! CHECK
  5. Patience Patience Patience – there are going to be a TON of us there, let alone all of the Facilitators, Home Office staff, and everyone else that it takes to put on a Conference. There will be crowds. There will be lines. There will be waits. I am going to use these as an opportunity to meet some new friends, or shoot a text to a hostess or potential team member and share your excitement!

What I am NOT bringing to NC:

  1. Envy – while I set my goals high and aspire to be a better consultant and leader, I will NOT compare my journey of where I am or where I am NOT to someone else’s.
  2. A BAD Attitude ~ We ALL have crazy things happen to us and an opportunity to complain… do NOT do it! It ruins the fun for everyone else around and they will NOT want to be around you!
  3. My Mom, Wife, and Housekeeper hats: This time is for me to soak up as much knowledge as I possibly can, and bond with my team and sisters. So I am leaving these hats at home. I will miss my family, but I can concentrate and focus better if I’m not worrying that the house is a wreck or what they are going to eat while I’m gone. They will be fine, I promise.

This is National Conference season especially in the direct sales world.  So, share these tips with your team and be ready for an AWESOME experience.  I can’t wait to share with you how “on fire” I am when I get back.  Don’t worry, there won’t be any gaps in my blogging – I still have lots to share about the days ahead..

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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