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National Conference Day Two

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I am sure by now, I am operating on adrenaline since that is the only way that I could still be ready for Day Two (really Day 3) of training.  I know, based on last year, that there won’t be much sleep.  This is a whirlwind of motivation, training, meeting new Thirty One sisters, Celebrating all of the accomplishments of the past year AND getting PUMPED for the upcoming selling season.

Today after some training, I will be joining the upline and downline of the Beacon of Hope Team at an awards ceremony.  No, I am not walking the stage this year but I am sure that I will be emotional.  Last year, I was humbled as I walked the stage to CELEBRATE my promotion to Director.  I was overcome with emotion as (the tears are already coming) as I walked the stage to be greeted by my friend, sponsor, Director and National Executive Director – Hope Shortt.  After getting a hug, I walked off stage to the arms of my daughter, Belinda and members of my team.  This year, we will be CELEBRATING my first Director on the RAYS of H.O.P.E. team – Brandie Cabasquini.  Brandie set her goals last year and she double promoted this year.  I am so proud of all she has accomplished and look forward to seeing what this year brings for her and her B2B (Built 2 Believe) team.

At tonight’s awards ceremony, I will reconfirm my goal for this year to promote to Senior Director.  It is not a promotion that comes just from the work that I do but from the work of my team – it a team effort.  To be a Senior Director, one of my upcoming ROCK STARS needs to promote to Director, so that I have TWO Directors on my team.  PLUS I need to meet the sales goals for Personal Volume as well as team sales.  I know this sounds like it is all about me, right?  The truth is, I know that some of my team want more than anything to promote to Director.  The additional income will bless their families.  The fact that they can stay at home with their kids will fulfill their dreams.  This is why I do what I do….I LOVE helping others achieve their goals and I always have.

Stay tuned to my personal Facebook page or my VIP Facebook group to see more of the excitement of National Conference.  I will share what I have learned when I get back… See the best way for me to retain what I learned is to write about it and share with YOU!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!



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