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Measuring Up

” … The LORD doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7b (NLT)

Today is a definite day of REST… I figure I need a lot after the last almost week.  This may seem like an odd post talking about “measuring up” after the last week of inspiration but believe it or not when I am tired, I wonder if I measure up.  I saw a devotional about this that really made to reassess things…

As I got ready to head to conference, I was packing  physically but there was one thing that I packed mentally which is always hard for me to shake…you are wondering what that is, right?  It is a measuring tape.  Not the usual one that you use when measuring something physically… the one that is in my head comparing or measuring my productivity.  Here are some of the rulers that I tried to get rid of  BEFORE I left for National Conference:

The ruler of productivity that assesses my accomplishments.  The comparison game is something that goes on in my head ALOT. It assigns value based on my what I have “not” done instead of calculating the worth of immeasurable investments.  The ruler or productivity makes me a slave to time rather than knowing the gift that time fives me.

The beauty barometer has me thinking about the “jiggle thighs” or  my “shabby chic” look versus the one that is all put together.  I really need a stylist to show me how to coordinate my clothes and my accessories.  This barometer looks at the external and fails to calculate my value of my inner beauty.

The happy homemaker meter measures how good of a wife I am based on how clean the house is, how many meals I prepare or how well I think I take care of my family.  I feel guilt when all of my best intentions turn into things I MUST do instead of things that I want to do for my family.   I become exhausted instead of inspired.

Tape measures may be entertaining in the hands of curious toddlers, but they stunt the growth of women like you and me.

Are you ready to give up your mental measures, and let God grow us into the women He’s dreamed us to be?  His vision for us is refreshing and life-giving.  Instead of measuring, why not mend?  Isn’t that what God longs to do for us. He wants to destroy our tape measures and heal the wounded places in our hearts from constant comparisons and the failure to meet unreasonable expectations.  So, as I reflect on the past week,  I am going to abandon my ridiculous rulers, in exchange for God’s immeasurable grace and healing. Want to join me?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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