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The Compound Effect

pink bubbles

You are probably wondering what the “pink bubbles” are all about, right?  Last week, I spent an AMAZING week in the PINK BUBBLE of Thirty One.  I know that I blogged about what would be happening but that really didn’t capture the emotion of the week.  I am going to share what I learned on building my business, about myself and about my dreams.  As I write each day, I am hoping all of the emotions will flow through and you will see how powerful this week was for everyone involved in National Conference.

In true Thirty One style, the first day of training got me to thinking about my business and how I was going to build it!  Director’s Day is for the top 4% of the company.  WOW!  I am humbled by the fact that I am a part of this elite groups of leaders.  The discussion then focused on the “compound effect”.  The compound effect is the principal of reaping huge rewards from a series of small, smart choices.  The compound effect of new conversations will lead to NEW customers, NEW Hostesses and NEW Consultants.  

So, the compound effect is about building relationships.  I know, you have heard this a zillion times in direct sales.  I mean isn’t “relationship building” the latest buzz words?  Let’s talk about the key relationships that build your business along with some tips that may help you GROW your business:

  • New Contacts – Each day we are in contact with LOTS of people, many of whom we don’t know.  We meet them in the grocery store, the bank, the post office, at lunch or during the hundreds of errands we run every day.  Are you making the most of those conversations?  New conversations each week is an easy way to building your business IF you are intentional about it.  Set a goal of giving out 5 – 10 business cards daily.  Share a catalog with them AND get their information so that you can follow up.
  • Customers – When you build relationships with Customers, you are strengthening your business.  THINK about a time with you had great Customer Service?  How did it feel?  Are you providing that same kind of extraordinary service to your customers?  Try the “pink glove service” at each and every party making each customer feel important.  When they experience great customer service, they are happy to recommend you to their friends and family.  Why not ask for a referral from those customers who LOVE the pink glove service?
  • Hostesses – Everyone in your business deserves a little CELEBRATE – ENCOURAGE – REWARD to feel appreciated but especially your hostess.  This should happen before, during and after her party.  Create special moments for your hostesses outside of the party by using a variety methods – snail mail, cards, Red Stamp, text messages, etc. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money just being thought of makes someone feel special. The compound effect of CELEBRATING, ENCOURAGING and REWARDING your hostesses will result in a calendar filled with past Hostesses and the NEW ones they’ve referred to you because of the way you made them feel.  Building strong hostess relationships is a fun and easy way to grow your business.  Your hostess is the gateway to her friends and can be one of your biggest cheerleaders – she might even be your next recruit!
  • Recruits – Recruiting new consultants is part of the Thirty One (or any direct sales company) opportunity and a cornerstone activity of being a leader.  There are two key parts to successful recruiting: insetting in her “why” and celebrating her milestone moments.  Celebrate your new recruit’s milestone moments on the way to her WHY!  The compound effect of recruiting is building your team and creating a recruiting culture.

The compound effect lets us take small steps in all areas of our business and build on them to GROW our business in a positive and intentional way.  What are your best tips for building successful relationships?  Share your best tips with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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