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Let me tell you, God was definitely talking to me through my Thirty One family when they were planning this conference.  Don’t get me wrong, I know that I am not alone but the messages of each of the speakers especially during Super Day -hit home or should I say “smacked a home run”.

Robin Fisher Roffer of Big Fish ended Super Day with a BANG!  I was open and ready to EMBRACE all that she had to offer.  She talked about FEARLESS LIVING and let me tell you, this is just what I needed to hear.  I had admitted my fears to myself and some of my Thirty One sisters so now it was time to find out how to live fearlessly…

What is fearless?  As defined in the dictionary, fearless according to the Urban Dictionary is: strong willed, beautiful inside and out, heart of gold and able to push through the storms.  Okay, now that those on the outside see me like this, I wanted to feel like this on the inside too.

Here are the steps that Robin shared to a NO FEAR CAREER:

Step 1: Own Your Truth.  Look through a lens of forgiveness and don’t apologize for your story because it is YOUR story.  You may need to reframe it to the positive by looking for the courageous moments of your past.  Look at your past as a gift.  I always say that despite my best efforts to screw up my life, I was blessed to be an addict because it is the events of that period in my life that got me to where I am today.

Step 2: Make Your Own Luck.  What do I need to make me whole and complete?  Can someone from your past inspire your business story of today?  Write a vision for your career (7 words or less).  For those that know me, this is not an easy task because I like to write.  Here is my vision in 19 words:

To be an inspiration to women helping them to pursue their own excellence in their business and personal life. 

Now that you have a vision assemble a team to help support that vision.  Be open to opportunity and say “yes” when it calls.

Step 3: Evolve to Reach Your Potential or Wake Up & Shake Things Up.  Change your internal dialogue or those little voices in your head.  YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM – YOU HAVE CHOICES.  Make bold moves by accepting a situation, adjusting to it to make a change and then accessing you higher power for a plan.  I loved this ” Work on responding and not reacting – SLEEP ON IT!”.

Step 4: Celebrate your Differences. Do you feel like a fish out of water?  You were born this way… God wants each of us to shine in our own light so accept yourself without apology.  What  makes you distinct?  Use you differences to positively stand out.  Then find like minded people for your community so you don’t feel so weird!

Step 5: Quiet Your Inner Judge.  When Negative Nellie comes a calling, go out for a walk, she surely can’t keep up you pace.  Change your perspective because she hates positive things.  If nothing else take a gratitude walk and Negative Nellie will stop and sit this one out.  TRASH these words: not good, enough, fat, not good at recruiting, not a sales person, poor leader or whatever YOUR negative words are.  TRUTH is: I am beautiful, I am a good mom & wife, I am a good leader with my own style.

So, what will you do to have a FEARLESS life?  Share your stories so we can help others along this journey.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!





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