Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Growing Again

Happy Monday!  “Crying means that you are growing”….  Have you ever heard that?  Well, I used to think Adele was crazy when she said that but the truth was that every time I found myself sitting in a corner, crying, struggling with what to do, I quickly found out that God had a plan for me… CHANGE! GROW! I know, you are wondering where this is all leading, right?

As we ended another dreaded “J” month, you know, the months they say are not good in the direct sales market, I was stressing, crying, and looking for answers.  What started as a great day, having a relaxing, yummy lunch with hubby turned into a GROWING moment or should I say afternoon.  Let me explain, I wanted to have a discussion with hubby about my business.  He is the logical, business thinker and planner while I am the one who goes by my gut, some would say the creative one.  Negative Nellie and Doubtful Debbie had camped out on my doorstep.  This was the first time since I had promoted to Director in 2012 that I was sitting by the computer watching the numbers.  WAITING and WAITING and WAITING for them to change.  The truth was, I needed to change!  Vacation Veronica had stopped by to join the party.  You know her right, the party girl who thinks that it is okay to take off 2 weeks from work and it won’t affect your sales.

I was hunting for answers as to what I could do different.  I have “heard” a lot of things in training but was I really listening to what they said.  SMACK!  That was the 2×4 that hubby hit  me with as he said “we had this conversation before and you don’t listen!”  Imagine my surprise!  Of course, I LISTEN!  Then I started with a list of reasons why things didn’t work – the Negative NOT the positive side of things.  Why I couldn’t do something or why it didn’t work or.. you get the picture, that long litany of things that I have tried but that haven’t worked.  The truth is, in my head – I tried them.  I haven’t always put my foot to the pavement to make them work or to try them out.  So, as I barely scrape by a “j” month with only a basic plan for the month of August, I am looking for answers.  I have catalog parties on the books but I am already admitting defeat BEFORE they are in because “catalog parties” are not usually very successful for me.  I can’t believe that it is August 4th and I am already ready to write off the month of August. Really??? So after a lot of tears over the week-end, some soul searching along AND picking up a training book that I bought but had never read…I am ready to KICK BUTT this week.  I have 11 more days to earn the Ready Set Sell incentive.  I have 27 more days in the month to rock sales.  I will NOT be sitting by the computer on the last day of August wondering if my team or I will make our goals…

Maybe Adele is right about the crying thing because I feel like I have grown “just a little” and built up a little bit more confidence.  Was it a struggle?  YES!  Wast it worth it?  YES!  Will I get hit by a 2×4 again? Probably!

So, who is ready to KICK BUTT and end the summer on a HIGH note in their business?  Share your struggles with us.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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