Hope Wissel

What is TODAY


Do you know what today is??  Okay, for most people the answer would be hump day, right?  You now have a vision of a camel walking through your office saying “do you know what today is?”, right?  I know, I am not the only one whose mind quickly jumps to that commercial scene!  For me.. today is the day that BELINDA arrives along with 3 of her friends from North Carolina.

Today, I will finish up cleaning and get the bedrooms ready for the girls.  Well, Belinda’s room and my office which will now become a second bedroom complete with air mattress.  It will be a whirlwind of activity since two of the girls, Rachel and Emily, have never been out of North Carolina.  Can you imagine the culture shock of coming to Jersey?  No left hand turns, only jug handles.  Lots of traffic – more than I am sure they have seen on the worst day in NC.  Jersey treats – pork roll, Mac & Mac pizza, REAL salt water taffy, as well as the beach & boardwalk that they have seen on TV.  A trip to Phillie to check out the hot spots…I think this is where the vote is divided, two want to go to NY and two want to go to Phillie.  We shall see who wins.

I am blessed with a job that I can work my own schedule so I will have lots of time to spend with the girls.  On the weekend, I will work my part-time job during the day but still have lots of energy to spend with them, if they are home.  Although hubby LOVES to have them visit, he jokingly said “maybe I should see if someone has a bed I can use for a week”.  He knows that there will be lots of running around, talking non-stop and even lots more of spontaneous activities for everyone.

My biggest test will be keeping Vacation Veronica at bay since we are in an incentive period at Thirty One.  This is one of two weeks of Ready, Set, Sell where every consultant has a chance to earn FREE products.  I have some catalog parties that I am going on so I am shooting for the stars.  I plan to be very intentional over the next week to ensure that I earn one if not all of the levels available with FREE product.  Who knows, maybe one of the girls will want to join my team???  My second challenge will be to stay within my Weight Watchers plan.  I have been struggling with gaining a few pounds since I left for National Conference and now need to take them off in order to maintain my lifetime membership.  No excuses!  I can do this!  “positive affirmations bring positive results”, right”?  No Doubtful Debbie or Negative Nellie allowed to linger here.

I am off to make the final preparations for the girls… Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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