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How to Reach Your Goal

My mojo has been off the last few days despite arriving home from an AMAZING INSPIRING conference.  When I struggle with my goals, my motivation goes haywire.  The party starts with Debbie Doubtful and Negative Nellie leading the list of attendees.  This morning when I felt myself waiver, I can across a blog by Carrie Green of the Female Entrepreneur Association.  Her 12 minute video was a game changer for this morning…

She shared the lessons that she had learned from Tony Robbins that helped her when she struggled with success.

1.  TURN YOUR ‘SHOULDS’ INTO ‘MUSTS’.  If you want to change your life and reach your goals those shoulds HAVE to become musts.   I know I am great at the “shoulds”… should watch what I eat, should reach out to past hostesses, should pick up the phone and the list goes on.  Most of the time, I claim a reason (another word for excuse) usually “no time” as the reason  my should isn’t a must!

2.  GET RID OF THE LIMITING BELIEFS.  Sometimes even if you really want to reach a goal and you’re committed and dedicated to it, you still don’t manage to do it. When this happens it’s because you have a conflict going on inside of you. In order to have a breakthrough you have to align every part of your body and mind with your goal.  This is my #1 problem…The comparison game always limits my belief – OVER!  I know, I have said it before but “just for today, this is going to happen”.

3.  GET IN CONTROL OF YOUR EMOTIONS.  Remember that party that I talked about, they do play havoc on my emotions.  Once I become emotional, I loose focus and  I gain a lot of shoulds.  See where all of this is going.  As Tony Robbins says “If you want to change your state of mind, change your posture”.  Sounds crazy right?  Think about it, can you be sad when you are standing up tall, eyes forward AND smiling at people.  I can’t.  So I just sat up a little taller in my chair and am smiling as I type this blog.  Try it!

4.  MODEL SUCCESS.  There are plenty of successful out there for you to learn from, so identify some people who are successful and who you resonate with and pay close attention to them. Try to learn their success strategies and try them out for yourself.   Okay, so I get the message.  Why do I think I can re-create the wheel? Better yet, why would I want to?  I take one step to model those who have been successful in Thirty One, then those limiting beliefs kick in.  Not TODAY!

5.  BE GRATEFUL.  Anthony Robbins said “when you’re grateful fear dissipates and abundance appears”. Make it a must to focus every day on being grateful for what you do have, rather than worrying or thinking about what you don’t have. It will change your life.  I have missed my gratitude walks for awhile, time to take another walk and list what I am thankful for.

What is YOUR biggest struggle in reaching your goals?  It doesn’t have to be in business, it could be in your personal life (applying for a new job, reaching goal weight) – whatever it is, YOU can be successful if you are willing to take the necessary steps.  What will YOUR first step be?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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