Hope Wissel

Day 500


Happy Monday!!!!  It has been a busy week since Belinda arrived home on Wednesday with 3 friends from North Carolina.  As crazy as it has been, I love having kids in the house again – YES, I am that crazy momma that wants all of the kids at the house.

I just realized that TODAY is Day 500 of blogging.  WOW!  Who would have thought a simple challenge would still be going on.  When I tell people that I blog, the first question that they ask is “what do you write about” and the next one is “who reads it”.  Well, on most days, the writing part is easy because I LOVE to write and share all of the tidbits of information that are in my brain.  The second, I really can’t answer because I don’t know.  No, I don’t check my dashboard on a desperate hunt to see who has read my blog.  I really don’t want to know because I am afraid that if I do see the numbers, I might get discouraged.  I will say that the only that that I really tweet is my blog and some random posts so when I see new people following me, I am guessing it is because of my blog…this is a good thing.

I have seen lots of articles from a wide variety of people on blogging…Here are some tips from Entrepreneur.com

1. The article needs a point.  I typically have a point, I know that some may disagree but I try to share things I have learned that may help others in their business.  Usually, I am motivated by something that has happened personally or something that I have read or learned at a training.  I try to use key words that will draw people to my blog as well as want to continue to read it.

2. Images.  I have to admit, I don’t always have an image but I know that I should.  Sometimes, I get so wrapped up in the writing that I forget the pictures help to tell a story too.  People are drawn to pictures…

3. Structure. In order to communicate a concept, you need to organize your thoughts. Otherwise, you’re going to have a scattered assembly of sentences and statements.  Okay, so this is definitely NOT one of my strong points.  I mean, I try to stay on topic but feel that I would rather share then sound like a term paper.

4. Unique content.  You need to have a unique angle, approach, or spin.  Second, you need unique content. You hopefully wouldn’t copy and paste content from another site onto your own.  I am not sure about this… I really like adding information from other bloggers and from articles then sharing my perspective on things.

5. Substantial length.  I remember being told that 600 words was a good length.  I mean it shouldn’t be a book, right?  I found it odd that the recommendation from this article was 1,000 – 1,500 words.

6. Internal linking.  I love doing this, linking to my own as well as others web sites.   Hopefully, the links are things that people are interested in.  The recommendation is 3 – 10 links per post.  WOW!  Maybe I need to rethink how many I have each day.

7. Attention to proper spelling and grammar.  This seems like a no brainer.  I mean who would want to read an article that is full of typos or grammar errors?  I will admit, it happens sometimes, I mean we are human, right?

8. A call to action.  The call to action is the magic ingredient that makes a blog post worth it all. Every post needs a call to action. The reader is ready to respond, to do, to click, to engage.

So, what other must-have blog tips would you suggest?  Are you ready to start blogging yet???

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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