Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Don’t be a Piranha


Are you a piranha? What comes to mind when you think of this fish?  A nasty, blood thirsty fish that goes for the juggler, right?  In direct sales, as in most businesses, a woman may be called a piranha when she is fast and vicious.  Never letting up on customers, hostesses or leads.  So, is this a bad thing?

We just finished up what Thirty One calls Ready, Set, Sell.   This is an opportunity for consultants to earn LOTS of FREE new Fall product based on various levels of sales.  I would say that I saw some piranhas.  Consultants who would do anything for a sale – cutting prices, offering discounts that were WAY below what others can do and pushing people to host a party.  No hate mail, I am not judging – just observing.

The truth is that not every Customer makes a great Hostess.  Not every great Hostess makes a great Consultant.  As consultants, we need BOTH!  Despite our desire to grow our business, we need to REWARD and RESPECT everyone where they are – thinking about what is best for them.  Chasing after customers, hounding them with calls, emails, Facebook posts and text messages does nothing to build a relationship with your customers – this will make them want to avoid you!

As I write this blog, I think back to my posts and actions over the last two weeks.  Were my posts intentional and from the heart? Did they make me seem like I was desperate for a sale?  AGGGHHH!!! I certainly hope that my excitement to share my love for Thirty One and my desire to help others is not misinterpreted by those who read them.  I had a true AHA moment as I am writing this and AGAIN THINK before I post or reach out to my customers.

Yes, I LOVE Thirty One and want everyone to LOVE it too but not to the point where I want people to think of me as the Piranha Consultant!  I am revamping my business for the Fall, as I officially kick of my “year” with Thirty One.  More fun, less pushing, more sharing of product ideas and LISTENING to my customers and hostesses. I want customers and hostesses to want to party with me and feel comfortable referring me to their friends and family.

Think about your business – Are you providing great customer service? Would people consider you a “pushy sales person” or an AWESOME consultant?  Are you hounding your potential customers and hostesses? Or are you timing your contacts with them to fit their needs?  No matter what direct sales company you are with… be aware of this pitfall that I think we are all susceptible to when we are reaching for our goals.  Is there anything you will do differently in your business?

Share you tips with us. Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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