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Do you know what today is????  I love the picture of this camel and every time I think of it, I think of the commercial.  I mean, be honest – do you know what the commercial was for?  I think it is Geico but I am not sure.  I think they did a better job of branding the camel then they did their product.  I know what does all of that have to do with anything, right?

I got a message from another Thirty One consultant and one of the FIRST things she asked me was “Were you the one in the pink hat at National Conference?” WOW!  I was shocked but it seems like that is the way that everyone remembers me from conference.  Is that my brand or is that my style?  I love hats and I like to have fun but I am not sure if that is my brand.

A good friend took this picture which I thought told who I was – the added bonus is that it is the FIRST picture that I actually liked of myself in YEARS.  A good friend and AMAZING business woman  (can I say that I love her brand) politely told me – this is not your brand, you are NOT a bag lady.  WOW!  I was totally blown away because I want people to know me as a Thirty One consultant.  She said “you are so much more than that”.

FB profile

The truth is that “I am so much more than that” BUT I want people to see Thirty One and think of me.  I know that I probably just blew every “branding experts theory” or rule on branding ourselves – but when I dig deep down, yes, I am MORE but this is what I want people to identify with me so that I can grow my business.

So, let me ask you… how do people identify you?  What is the first thing that they think of when they think of you?  For example, when I see “Sweet Frog Ice Cream”, I think of my friend Hope Shortt. Why?  That is a favorite treat for her and her family.  Is that her brand?  So, maybe my “pink cowboy hat” will be the thing that makes people think of me or at least other consultants from National Conference.

“I am a mom, a daughter, a wife, a sister, a blogger, an entrepreneur, a Christian, a Weight Watcher Lifetime member, a football fanatic, a crafter, a leader, a motivator, and I am YOUR Thirty One consultant”.  Yes, I wear all of those hats and I still don’t know what my brand would be other than Thirty One!  Good, bad or otherwise – that is my goal to have my customers tell someone “yes, I have a Thirty One consultant and her name is Hope”.

The point of this blog is for YOU to think about how people think of you…What is your “I am” statement?  Share the one item that you see that makes you think of me…I am curious what people  will say….

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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