Hope Wissel

Struggle to Maintain

Today I am working an extra shift at my part-time job….not a big deal usually but I am grateful because I will get to avoid the dreaded monthly weigh in at WW.


This is how I have been feeling lately…. I hit goal weight and then started to have some heath issues.  So, the scale jumped a little bit.  Now, on my home scale, I am 3 pounds over my goal weight.  Not a lot but enough to have me wanting to hide my head in shame.  I worked so hard to get the weight off and now I am up 3 pounds.  REALLY!  I can hear Nicole and Michelle in my head….You lost 108 pounds and you are ready to give up over 3 pounds.  BUILD THE BRIDGE!!!

It is not the 3 pounds that I am struggling with, it is the Negative Nellie that has taken up space in my head.  Hubby would say, we are working on resolving a health issue and it will all work out.  Me, I want to sit on a pity pot and feel bad.  Before everyone stresses out, the health issue is what we think is a gluten allergy.  Not celiac just an intolerance to it which causes me to feel YUK! to put it simply.

So, the last 2 weeks, I have been trying (about 95%) to be gluten free.  How do I feel?  GREAT!  The one night that I ate gluten just because I wanted to prove MY point – I felt awful.  It took me 2 days to  get back to feeling better.  So not worth it for the moment.  My struggle is to find things that are low in points AND gluten free.  It requires some changes in my eating habits which mean going back to some REAL basics – lots of power foods (veggies, fruit, protein) and not a lot of starches.  In addition to all of this I complicate things by being a vegetarian.  I am adjusting.  All hubby keeps saying is “it is only 2 weeks” which is true – this is the test.  My biggest fear is that what if it lasts forever….I know many people are flute-free and maintain on Weight Watchers.  I will learn how too.

My struggle is out there now for all to know.  If you are struggling, it is okay.  The journey to weight loss sometimes felt so much easier than the maintaining of the weight loss.  I have hovered at my goal weight or within the approved WW range for several months – BE PROUD.  Accept the compliments of “you look slim & trim” instead of countering them with reasons why I do not.  Accept the positive.  EMBRACE what you have accomplished.  My pep talk to you (an to me).

Cross the bridge and start your day on a positive note – one meal (one snack) at a time.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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